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    When we were discussing boils, you mentioned topical salicylic acid. I went out and bought WART REMOVER, which is about 100% salicylic acid. BOY DOES IT BURN! Either the boil I am treating is open, or it just burns in general.

    I know you use the acne medication, but have you ever tried wart remover?

  2. lilwren

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    This board goes so fast I almost missed your post!

    No I haven't tried wart remover and I didn't realize that it WAS salicylic acid. The acne lotion I use burns if one of the boils is open too - but not very much. For goodness sakes be careful! You could really hurt yourself with something like that. If it's strong enough to remove warts it could eat a hole in your skin. Be careful.

    Does it seem to be helping? I'll have to try it. Thanks for thinking of me. :)

    Hope things are going okay considering this DD.

    Happy Easter.

    Sharon L
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    Moist heat will help boils to come to a head and open up. An old fashioned treatment is to heat a beer bottle in hot water and put the open end on the boil. The heat will suck the boil up into the bottle and break it open, releasing the pus. Keep everything around the site sterile and dispose of in double plastic bags in the trash. Wear latex gloves.

    After the boil is lanced, pour hydrogen peroxide on it and then use an antibiotic ointment like Neosporin. Keep it covered so as not to get pus on your clothing, but allow it to get air into the site.

    Love, Mikie
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    LilWren: I abandoned the wart remover as a remedy. Burns too much! I've been dabbing it with rubbing alcohol daily, and using Neosporin at least twice a day. It is currently shrinking.

    BUT it hasn't been hot at work, so that's helping alot. If I'm in a warm environment at work then get warm again when I sleep at night, the boil surely rears it's ugly head again. This pattern repeats itself over and over, sometimes the same boil, sometimes new ones. I'm so tired of it!

    MIKIE: What a cool idea about the beer bottle, I'm going to try it next time! A-N-D I get to drink the beer and classify it as part of the treatment process, right?? ;-)

    Thank you guys

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    Go to your local drug store and ask them for Icthamol Ointment. It is an awesome drawing salve. It smells awful and looks as awful too, but it really works for boils and is relatively inexpensive. I think less than $10 for a tube of it.