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  1. mrdad

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    Hello Sharon. I'm glad you mentioned Iron-Overload to
    Fight4 a while ago as it is one of the Ten most oft missed
    diagnosed disorders. I don't think she would necessarily
    be in Danger as it is a progressive problem over many
    decades at times.

    I was diagnosed amost four years ago and have Cirrhosis
    of the liver from it. It is also known as Hemachromatosis
    and can produce other organ problems including the heart.
    Can be controlled and checked with a simple blood test.
    People of Northern Euro. background are more likely than
    others to acquire this genetic mutation. Just thought I'd
    bring the subject up again as it could have contributed
    to my CF. Awareness is hopefully a good thing!

    Thanks again Sharon,
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  2. victoria

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    My MIL has hemochromatosis... she had no darkening of the skin or any obvious signs other than joint pain and fatigue in her 70s. She is 1/2 Finnish/1/2 English, just for comparison sake.

    Interestingly she has not had to have blood taken for a very long time, altho they test her yearly. She is now turning 89.

    It is very worthwhile to get tested properly, iron/ferritin levels alone are not enough. Please google the hemochromatosis society.

  3. mrdad

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    Victoria just added some valuable info. and advice to the
    subject. Don't think you would really turn that Bronze
    color tone unless it was fairly progressed to a more
    dangerous level. They have a genetic test to determine
    if one has the gene but I don't think it would be given
    as long as your ferriten and iron levels appear normal.

    My ferriten when diagnosed was over 7300 and my Hematolo-
    gists rudely as in the presence of another Doctor if I
    had a "drinking problem" because of my Cirrhosis. I quipt-
    ed back, "only if I'm out of money"!!

    Ferriten is now normal after over 2 1/2 years of Blood
    letting about every other week. Now I go every 3 or 4 mos.
    I'm French and Irish so a prime candidate. None of my sib-
    lings have come down with the disorder.

    Normal ferriten range is about 50 to 100. I think,Honora,
    that you would have shown signs by now yet it wouldn't
    hurt to have your blood checked if Doc approves!

    See: (For a Celtic Perspective)
    Ain't ya glad ya asked???
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