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    Hey, I wrote back to you on the original thread from debugg. Check it out!! I hope it will answer your questions & be helpful to you.

    Good Luck!!

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    I like your suggestions of changing the MS Contin to the 24 hr release form and perhaps trying some breakthrough meds when I see the pain management Dr. This Dr. is very good and also an anesthesiologist who worked on me before for spinal injections in my back and was there for me while having surgery on my knee back in 2003. So he knows my history pretty well and knows I have alot of other pain issues besides Fibro.

    I'm trying to make out my whole list of questions for him too, like a journal of my pain and what I was doing at the time it got really bad or what might have caused the flare up at the time it occurred. Does that sound like a good thing to do? Also I'm typing out my list of vitamins, meds, history of surgeries, allergies, you name it and I'm typing it out ahead of time. Seeing I have trouble writing before my recent surgery and even now still have some, I figured this was best to do ahead of time.

    The nurse told me my apt would last almost 3 hrs with the pain management Dr. I'm sure he must go over absolutely everything and from what I have read, sign forms stating things about narcotics, not seeking them somewhere else, etc.

    My main complaint though as far as the breakthrough meds was now that I'm back working part time, I can't get out of bed fast enough as it takes a good hr. or more for the MS Contin to work, so I have to lay there waiting before my body will move. Not fun one bit!!! I was on the Oxy IR's after my surgery, and they worked wonders for a quick relief and I could get out of bed and start my day. Then things changed unfortunately when my husband starting stealing some of those, and thats why my own Dr, stopped giving them to me, out of fear of having too many pills in the house for my husband to steal. So, I had to suffer because of him..but thats another story all its own!! LOL!!

    But we then did try the patch hoping they would work, and also so my hubby couldn't take them. Those too didn't work at all for me and gave me terrible tummy aches. So, now that brings me to the MS Contin which does work but not enough either or for the full day, and so now I suffer, and was given Depakote for breakthrough meds which now I'm stuttering from that drug!! I can't win!!

    Hopefully the pain Dr. will look at things a little differently, and help get me out of those waves of pain I have during the day!!

    I'm sorry I kind of got carried away with my post to you...but I thought maybe you could help me a little about the pain specialist and what else I should ask him or do, so I can get the proper treatment and feel better without being critiqued, like my own Dr. is doing!! He's saying the MS is alot of morphine to be taking alone, so I shouldn't need any breakthrough meds and not wanting to increase the morphine. To which I agree, as sometime down the road I probably will need a higher dosage than I'm on now. I just need a little extra pain relief during the day, and I would be a happy camper!! Hehehehehe~~

    I'm sorry again for such a long probably didn't realize what you were getting into by me responding to your post...did you? You don't have to answer if you don't have the time or strength, as I totally understand!!!!

    Have a sparkling day and thank you for your post to me, I really appreciated your extra help as it was well needed, and very helpful!!!!!
    Gentle hugs,

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