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    Hey Shirl, I was reading the post on corn syrup and another post and you mentioned about natural calm and being the constipation queen. Well I'm in the line directly behind you on the constipation queen thing. I've been chronic since I was 20 and im 41 now. No klids ever and I drink at least 100 oz. of water a day. Does not matter what I eat either...can't take fiber---major bloating and constipates me more and painful!!!!!!!!! Prunes are a joke too. Anyway..this Natural Calm you mentioned it like Milk of Magnesia?? That is what I have been taking now for 2 years as its the only thing that works and does not hurt me. (I HAD MY COLON SCOPED 10 MONTHS AGO... ITS JUST FINE DOC. SAYS) I just wondered if it was the same thing basically of better for a person to take other than the M.O.M. that I take??? Im afraid...I don't want to kill my kidneys on the magnesium..I take also the ZMA at night and the magnesium w/ malic acid in the day. Really need all of them!! Thanks a bunch...Pamela
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    I 'stumbled' on the Natural Calm by accident! I used Suppositories for half my life for constipation. I had problems with everything you take by mouth, it tore up my stomach, including Milk of Magnesia, those little chocolate things, etc.

    I also take the Pro Energy, and the ZMA. I have to for the pain and sleeping.

    I also had locked bowels and had to go through that embarrassing 'thing' too.

    The Natural Calm is magnesium citrate in powder form. I took it everyday untill I started with the ZMA, then the ZMA kicked in, and I didn't need it,the ZMA seems to keep me normal, once a day.

    But sometimes it does not work, so I will take the Natural Calm in the morning, and usually by evening I really, really go!!! Its probably what I eat that will cause the problems now, as just the ZMA keeps me on a regular schedule usually.

    I fell in love with a cake that has poppy seeds in it. Well guess what? Poppy seeds cause mega constipation!! I quit eating it.

    I don't know if its the same thing as the Milk of Magnesia, I think Klutzo would know. I don't have any here to compare to the Natural Calm either!

    I didn't help too much, but I tried.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    Yeah you did help. You know just knowing someone out there that has the same thing make you feel so not alone. Anyway, Im going to give it a try. Thank you and have a wonderful day!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pammy
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    It does keep me regular -- 120 mg each evening -- particularly when I stay hydrated (extremely important). If I am traveling (sitting too long, not getting enough fluids, diet all messed up, sleep deprived), I generally get constipated, so I take 240 mg of magnesium at bedtime which fixes me up just fine the next morning.
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    (((((Constipation)))))In our family history, we can trace it back at least to my greatgrandparents..and despite all the preventative aids presented it has won the day! I have tried all of those (including the psyillium, extra fiber foods, stool softeners, mucho water, etc..and none of them really helped enough).Finally, a doc told me that some people have to try whatever works, and that was also MOMs for me, too,and I also use Magnesium Oxide..the MOMs usually softens the stool, but to stimulate a BM I need the Mag. Ox..Magnesium Oxide causes diarrhea in "normal" people, which they complain about..(600mg capsule and use as many as needed to produce the needed outcome).I use this about every day, but if forgotten, occasionally I use Smooth Move, an herbal remedy, which usually produces success after a few hours,but depending on the level of badness of the constipation..Still drink lots of water and high fiber foods, but as we know, they are certainly not enough..also, glycerin (pure) suppositories can work miracles at times if BM is in anus but too hard..Now, I have never tried ZMA, so that may be very effective, too, and I may try that out myself..I concentrate my magnesium at night before bedtime, as it won't work as a laxative in the daytime..and there are a lot of sources of magnesium, but I have only found the oxide type to have a laxative effect..I think as long as you drink lots of water, it should not hurt your kidneys.. Good Luck and I know how you can be a huge problem...AMELIA
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    Yesterday was a bad IBS day for me but most of the time I go back and forth between the two extremes either I can't go at all or its an all day thing. Another thing that causes me problems is the medication that I am taking for pain, the side effect is constipation. I am now taking a stool sofener to help with that but before that I was taking milk of magneisa every other day just to give mother nature a boost. The medication I am taking now to help things along is a generic brand of stool softener that contains Doculsate Sodium 100mg. I don't know what that is a generic for but its working great. Hope you find some relief