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    Hi Shirl! I sent you an e-mail last night about a post. I don't remember how I found your e-mail address, so I'm writing to you here. I noticed my post was deleted, so could you respond to me? Thanks.

  2. Annette2

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  3. Shirl

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    I received your email, and responded to you via email. Check your mail.

    I took care of the entire problem, and deleted your post as it made no sense after I edited the offending message.

    If you are addressing me on the board, please use Shirl, as their are a few Shirley's already here, and I don't usually respond to that name.

    Shalom, Shirl
  4. Annette2

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    Thanks for your response. I just checked my e-mail and didn't find a message from you. Sometimes it takes time to arrive. Anyway, thank you for your help.