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    Hi Shirl,

    I just saw your post regarding facial/head pain and have a question for you. I had a really bad sinus
    infection about two years ago. I think I have probably
    had them before that but wasn't sinus infection
    literate at that time! LOL

    You mentioned that you take an OTC product for the pain. Do you mean sinus infection or something else.
    Is there such a thing as having sinus problems other
    than sinus infection??? Just wondering.

    Also, you were mentioning IBS and what triggers it.
    Is that something that is for everyone with IBS or
    just you? I would imagine that we would all be
    different but wondered if those were known

    I know I could do research, but frankly, I have a headache and am tired and researched out.

    I am asking you instead! LOL
  2. Shirl

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    I will answer your post tomorrow, I am about to fall off this chair I am so tired now. Its 3:15 am, about two hours pass my bedtime! I would not make any sense anyway if I tried to explain ......

    Get back to your tomorrow, I promise!

    Goodnight, and pleasant dreams!

    Shalom, Shirl
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    I will look for it.
    Do it when you feel up to it.
  4. Shirl

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    Its your sleepy friend back, this time a little more awake.

    As for the OTC that I take for sinus attacks, its just 'Tylenol Sinus'.
    For nightime you can get the 'Nightime' formula, or the regular 'Non Drowsy' for daytime. I only take one capsule, but most people take two.

    I also use the 'Breathe Right' nasal strips, they really do help keep the airways clear.

    My sinus are caused from allergies I would say they are all have infection in the sinus cavities, but I can get some severe headaches from them. They seem worst than the migraines, which I have had also. Also those miserable 'cluster headaches'.

    Since I started drinking half my body weight in OUNCES of water a day, I don't get many headaches/sinus attacks anymore. Only now and then.

    I also take 1/4 teaspoon of Sea Salt though out the day, it also seems to work together for this.

    As for the IBS, many of us take meds for it. It did not work for me. I would 'feel' like the food was digested, and then 6-7 hours later I would have the most awful pains and nausea from the meds, that I totally quit taking anything prescribed.
    It seemed that they gave me a 'false' feeling of digestion, then when it wore off, I was deadly sick with food not digested.

    Sooooo I started doing research on natural stuff for this. What I found that worked for me, was Pure Noini Juice, and taking the Jarrow probotics. So far I am doing pretty good. But this does not always work for everyone. Its a trial and error sort of thing.

    As for food and IBS, it is a know fact that all foods made with white flour causes all kinds of problems, from gas, bloating, even constipation for some people. As for the MSG, and all the preservatives that is put in our food today, it makes matter worst too.

    As for myself, the foods in the nightshade family are very bad, like eggplants, bell pepper, hot peppers, white potatoes (red potatoes I don't think are included), and I can't remember the others.

    I also have a problem with aged cheese, cabbage, brussle sprouts, and a few other gastric foods.

    I can eat dairy products, but a lot of people can't.

    The best thing to do, is when you eat something, pay attention how you feel later. If you are sick, then you will know what not to eat. Thats what I did.

    I hope this helps a little Lynn, you sure can do research on it yourself, and there are mega books on IBS too.

    Take care,

    Shalom, Shirl

    PS, one thing I forgot about the sinus Lynn, its 'Oil of Oregano', I use the brand by 'North American', if I feel an attack coming on, I just put a tiny bit under my nose (do not try inhailing quickly,it will burn like fire!).

    I also use the Oregano when I go out where people are, its an antibacterial, and stops you from catching viruses that are air borne.

    It can be taken under the tongue, and also in juice, but so far it burns my throat so the only way I use it is the above. Other brands did not help.

    The other poster is right about garlic, but I can't take it, it burns my stomach like fire. So if you try it, take a small amount at first to be sure it doen't bother the stomach. Fresh garlic is the very best.

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    I have suffered chronic sinus infections for over 15 years. Taken all kinds of antibiotics. Last two rounds was Cipro. And it barely put a dent in it. Finally started taking 1000 mg garlic daily and within a week my sinuses were CLEAR. I"ve been swimming every day for a month now and NO return of the infection. I can't believe it. This is the first summer I can remember being able to swim and not fight an infection.
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    I was most curious about the sinus thing and just
    figured it would be better to ask! Sorry. I just get
    so tired of all the research at times and wondered
    what your experience was.

    THe nightshades bother me as well, mostly
    headache wise. I just wasn't sure if IBS was
    an individual thing, the way most things are.

    I LOVE garlic! Yum. Haven't had it in awhile so
    don't know much about how it will effect my stomach.
    I like it sauteed and find eating it raw to be rather
    difficult - though I love the smell!

    Thanks for your help.

    PS. I don't think I want to read mega books on IBS! LOL
    I actually have downloaded a very thorough
    document on what constitues diarrhea by
    consistency, size, amount, etc. That is more
    than enough for me to digest about this topic.
    Actually, it is a very informative document![This Message was Edited on 06/25/2003]