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    It was very interesting to hear from someone who has experienced reaction too. Dr. Garth Nicolson has a site on
    his research and it is really informative (Edited to Remove URL)
    There are several articles of his there. It gives me tremednious relief to know that I am not loosing my mind, and someone finally believes me....took a very long time. Had first symtoms 28yrs ago, and was diagnosed about 5-6 yrs ago. Am still seeking Dr for treatment. All I have ever been prescribed is Soma, which is a muscle relaxer. Would be interested in your symtoms.. and treatment. 1maqt
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    I also responded to you under the Flu Shot post.

    QT, sorry to have to remove the URL, but anyone using either mycoplasma or Dr. Nicolson can do a web search and find his website.

    Love, Mikie
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    There are differences in serverity in gws. My symtoms are headaches,major joint pain,loss of memeory,loss of concintrasion,skin rashes,and sleeping problems. The va has me on ms contin for the pain. I am told my knee and ankle joints are in bad shape.
    I use a lot of braces to help stay as stable as possible.
    And i also use a cane. There are days I feel that i am ageing. I have had many tests and have thought the va has drained most of my blood from my body.

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    Did they run the PCR DNA test for mycoplasmas? Did they ever put you on any tetracycline-family antibiotics like Doxycycline? Just wondering as mycoplasmas seem to play a large role in GWI.

    Love, Mikie