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    i ws just reading your question to i thik it was delmae in regards to working while applying for ssdi.
    i called to confirm with a attorney office. i told him i was going to be making less than 800 dollars this month. he said don't worry about it because it is less than the sga amount so it is not really considered income in their eyes.

    i told him my state disability ran out 6 months sonner than expected augsut 3, 2005 to be exact. so i said i don't know how i will make it. my claim dates to ocotber 1,2004. so i am at nearly one year off technically by social security, even thought my last day of work was de3ceber 20, 2004.

    i had a closed case that you can say i won. but it ended on the hearing date so i could not do the trial period to work and see how i feel. etc. and during that time while waiting for for ever 3/2003-7/8/04 for a decsion, i had to go on tanf, cause i wasn't getting child support and got food stamps, and medical for myself and son. my state disability only lasted one year and done i spent up my savings between divorce and necessaties to live and raise achild. well any ways i finally recieved a check 1/20/05 i was behind on my rent looking at an eviction notice. so i had to pay 2 months rent right off the bat, and here in california $1,245.oo for rent on a 2 bedroom apt. that is going rate here. and my welfare money was only $548 a month. i had to go to charities to help and i was a little bit smart and had some money that i did not tell welfare about if i did tell them i would have been homeless much sooner. then i was ready to pack up and move to michigan and live w/parents which really isn't a good situation, my psycologist at the time said that wouldn't be good for me. my father molested not all the way but damgae has been done. he is and my mother are in the denial phase andi'm considered dead to them that is how they want to deal with it then fine. sorry to ramble on about this.

    i want to tell you that call to get confrimation from an attorney in your local area for confirmation. i had to do tht yesterday myself. i thought and sorta knew form the first time i applied that it would be ok. but i am anxious all the time so i needed the confirmation it was ok. you just need to be able to keep it under the sga amount and you will be fine. if i goes over i read on that they will divde it over the months you filed your claim.

    oh i so know how you can not pay the electeric bill w/food stamps. check out local charities if you haven't already. i became extremely savy on surviving. but all the same it is still worrisome.

    i just want to go ahead and try to get a job just be careful what you make and make sure you talk to an attorneys office.

    i also went to hearing and my attorney said don't worry about she knew everything i told you about divorce to welfare. i had to swallow my pride big time at the tender age of 38 years old and file for the first time and hopefully the last time. they can also you some of your time as a trial period if your income is over the sga amount. but confirm please i don't want to tell something that is not accurate. but i am 99% confident in what i am telling you because, i did work in that closed period, one job only lasted 4 days cause they said i couldn't multi-tasked, well they did train me long story, but my attorney said that works in my favor and would tell them it was a work attempt and was let go because ot this. i don't think it came up in the hearing at all. but then i did do some months off and on full time and i still got my ssdi.

    now i'm back to square one, hopefully it won't be so ugly this time, my attorney said it should be much easeier this time, and if i get denied at the inital phase to call her and she will help me.

    good luck silky,

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    Hey, has anyone seen silky17 around in last few days? Sure hope shes doing ok!