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    hi i saw your message and yes there is dr byron holth and as far as im concerned he wasnt much help ..although he was nice(kindof) he doesnt believe in pain meds so one day i made and appointment and when i got there he wouldnt see me ..some scheduling thing but still i drove 20 miles to see him and i was there and he refused and just gave me a referral to a pain clinic...which also did nothing for me...i changed clinics and everything to see him and nothing...i only saw him one time because the second time was when he refused anyway maybe youll have better luck with him if you decide to see him good luck but ya thats my story on him. blah :(
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    I guess it turned out alright for me that he wasn't accepting patients anymore. Sorry you had such a terrible time with him, it might be for the best. It doesn't sound like he is the kind of dr. that we are looking for anyway.
    I'm sorry I didn't see this sooner...I'm still finding my way around this board. I haven't found anyone yet either, altho I'm having a little better luck with my regular dr., maybe he is finally seeing that I'm not making all this up.
    Anyway, keep me posted if you find anyone good. I live quite a ways north of you, and can't afford to go looking around either until I get some "for sure" info on a dr. somewhere.
    Take care,
    Sandy J.