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    I started doing bio cleanse about 3 weeks ago. It's amazing what I see coming out in the water.

    I pay $40 for 30 minutes. My daughter has had 2 treatments for $20/each and my son has had 1 for $40. They charge kids half price which doesn't make sense.

    Anyway, I was so impressed with the bio-cleanse that I started researching buying one. There were so many different ones at different prices that I gave up trying to decide which one to buy.

    I feel I would save money in the long run especially if both of my kids use it also.

    If you don't mind, would you please let me know which one you bought, the reason why you decided on that model and how much you paid for it?

    If my questions are too personal, I totally understand. After reading your post on another thread I decided to look into buying one again.

    Thanks for any info you can share,
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    auntyem- I believe that Biocleanse is an actual brand name.

    I did several treatments a few years back w/another machine of nearly identical technology. Unfortuneately, i did not see much benefit from those treatments.

    I've communicated off & on w/someone on an Amalgam talk group, who also purchased the Biocleanse machine a few years back & has had excellent results with it. So, there seems to be differences in each person's experience w/the machine.

    This person also now sells the Biocleanse machines. That might be someone you would want to get in touch w/if you think that owning one of these would of benefit to you & your family.

  3. skierchik

    skierchik New Member

    Hi, yes, I would be glad to help you out in any way I can!!!

    I did research for 2 weeks before I bought because they are so expensive. Ya know the saying, "you get what you pay for"??? Well there are cheap ones out there for $750, but I was skeptical about the owner of the company and the quality of the machine. So I decided to buy a "doctors office quality" machine for $2500. I'm telling my friends about it and only charging $20.00 a session, just to offset the cost. The one I bought is called Body Cleanse and you can check them out on It's a father and son business in Utah. It was recommended to me by the person who first did my session. She is a massage therapist with her own business and has 2 of them. You can email Joe and Mark for answers that you need. They are not good at calling back. I think it's because of the long distance charges, but if you call them in the morning, they usually answer or just email them.

    The good news is that they now have a "in-home" version for less money. You might want that one. It's just not as beefy as the doctor quality one. The more expensive one is made to run all day long. You don't have to buy the ones that doctors buy unless you want.

    Their website will show you lab reports where they tested the water before and after a detox. It' proven, but I didn't need that proof. The proof was in how I felt after the detox.

    I heard not so positive things about the I-n Cl---se which is sold in the same city as me. I called chiropractic offices and doctor offices and they didn't like the one mentioned either but they like the EB305 (energy balancer). It also cost $2500 and is ran on batteries that you charge. This one seems to be pretty popular out here, but it's really big. I tried it twice and wasn't all that impressed, but alot of people do like it. The main reason I didn't purchase this one was because the ionater as you know has to be replaced after so many uses (and because of the size). They want $150.00 per ionater. UHG!!! It's made of a low grade surgical steel and while that's wonderful, so is the Body Cleanse's ionater and it only cost $80 to replace. Mine came with a great carrying case too, not sure about the "home use" one.

    Keep in mind all the colors you see in the water is not due to all the toxins, it's due to the minerals in the water, and the salt you add to the water that make most of the color. People have distorted the truth for marketing purposes and it's worked. But I know they work and lab results show they work.

    Remember that it's important (very) to take a mineral supplement all while your doing this. It will pull minerals out of your bodies along with the toxins. Your kids might like the "Emergen C packs". You add the packet to water and drink your minerals. If you want to read alot about how these machines work check out and I like the EB305 website for their explanation.

    Good Luck and let me know if yu need anymore help!!

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    very informative and helpful! Sorry for my late response. I saw a new dr on the 9th. He did bio-resonance testing and I started his protocol on the morning of the 10th. I was suppose to remain electro magnetic field free for 4 days.

    Well....i made it almost 3 and a half days. This consisted of no tv, no telephone, no cell phone, no computer, no blow dryer, no heated mattress, no florescent lights, no driving!! I'm surprised I didn't hurt one of my kids (he-he).

    Since I've been charged $40 a treatment I thought I would come out better if I took the plunge and bought a unit myself. The ones I had been looking at were around $2700 and then several hundred for something and then $80 for something else. I started to get confused.

    I've got to give the computer a break tomorrow but will look up your info on Sunday and then I can be prepared to call them on Monday.

    Once again, thank you for all of your information!!
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    That must have been hard. I can't go w/o a blow dryer!!!

    Glad to help. Another option would be to try the detox foot pads. Do you know about these. They're fantastic!!

    I use these in addition to the foot cleanse and I always feel better when I wake up in the morning. You can check them out by googling "detox foot pads" or check out That's the website that I buy them from. She has the best price for very good quality pads. Not all pads are the same.

    You wear them at night, one on each foot for no more than 12 hours. They say usually to buy a months worth (60 pads), but I was so toxic that I used them for about 50 days. That's when I noticed less gunk coming out of me. Now I use them once a month because I'm also doing my ionic soaks. You might give them a whirl before you buy a machine since their less money.

    Anyway, let me know if you have anymore questions. Good luck and happy detoxing.

  6. auntyemnga

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    Please verify the site for the Body Cleanse. Gtech had something to do with gaming.

  7. skierchik

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    Let me know what you do!

  8. auntyemnga

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    Thanks for the 2nd website!! The product looks good.

    Right now any body cleansing is on hold. I saw a new doctor on the 9th who is attempting to release the toxins with homeopathic remedies. He uses bioresonance testing.

    He found I had 1 parasite, residuals from my MMR and DTP vaccinations, adrenal burnout, lower back pain and a host of others. It was weird about the lower back pain because I haven't mentioned it to a doctor in over 15 years!

    The new doctor doesn't want me doing any thing (bio-cleanse, colonics, massage) that could interfere with what he is trying to accomplish. He said he understands I'm anxious to get this crap out of me but said no.

    That's ok, cause he's my last hope to feeling better. My 2nd appt is tomorrow. I'm anxious to find out what my major issues will be. They generally change from test to test.

    This way maybe I'll have my income tax refund and can go ahead and purchase the body cleanse.

    Thanks again,
  9. skierchik

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    That sounds great auntyemnga! I totally support your decision!! You can always get one later if you need to. And you might find one used on or something.

    Anyway, let me know what he says, I would love to hear and learn all about it. When you get a chance, give us more detail.

    Best wishes and LOL!!


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