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    Wow, thanks for the info. Wish this ming was close to me. She sounds really good.

    The one that I am thinking about is $70/hr... (about a grand a month for everything). From what I heard he puts you on a really strict diet. Because of the $ and the diet I really dread going. It takes alot of commitment and ENERGY to get a diet just right; cooking, etc. I feel depressed. (wish I could win the lotto or something). lol

    Does she make you eat a strict diet also?

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    She really just incourages me to eat well. I eat alot of healty chinese cousine and she likes that because basically the chinese diet is wheat free, gluten free, dairy free, low to no sugar and low sodium if you're eating at a real chinese restaurant and making good choices. Sometimes she will say you have too much heat and so I want you to lightly cook vegetables, no salads. Or, I want you to try to eat some lamb. It's great for chi(energy).

    Ask this guy before you invest alot of money what the typical diet restrictions are?? You may want to find someone else if it doesn't feel right for you. But if the diet is really good salmon, green vegetables, squashes, tempeh, whole grains,green drinks etc. well, it's not a bad idea. I really believe in good nutrition and that it's a must for people who weren't blessed with health. For us, fast food cannot be in our diets.

    Don't be afraid to ask him alot of questions? Even about his resume and his experience with CFIDS/FM? How long has he been treating people with these DD and have they recovered? How long did it take if they recovered. You will be investing alot of time and money so you deserve to know these things.

    Does he have you boil herbs?? Or does he sell them from a bottle. Is he chinese? Was he referred to you by a friend?

    I really hope that yu can go and that you find relief from him or another accupuncturist. We can't give up, no matter how broke we are.

    I'll see Ming in the morning tomorrow and maybe she knows someone too. What is the largest city you're near?

  3. suexi

    suexi New Member

    The diet sounds really good. Dr Yeh, in upland, from what I heard is really good but says NO chicken; Something about what effects it has on your liver (?) And mostly to eat veges.

    I am near Pomona; home of the L.A. County Fair. Yes I would greatly appreciate if you could ask her if she has heard of him or knows anyone good. Where is she? Or do you not want to say?

    How long have you been going and how often? What do you have; cfids or fibro or both? I mostly have cfids; not much pain.

    Sorry if I ask the same questions over again. My brain doesn't work properly when it comes to reading, etc. lol and I also don't have a printer. :(

    Thanks so much for giving me all this info. I need all the optimism I can get.

  4. skierchik

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    I'm in Colorado, just outside of Denver. I hear that people will come to see her from all over. She has a waiting list even though she can see two people at a time.

    It sounds like we have the same thing going on. I have CFIDS too. But mine probably originated from having Juvenile Diabetes since I was a child, Hashimoto's Disease, a hypothyroid condition. Both of these are autoimmune disorders. Also, I've had 4 car accidents(and just to make myself feel better, 3 of them were not my fault) and a severely broken leg from a ski accident that left me very weak and toxic. My adrenals are wiped out.

    I've been reading alot about hypothyroid condition and adrenal fatigue. I know my thyroid is not being treated properly, cause most of my syptoms are the same as someone who is hypothyroid. Can't find a good endo in Denver.

    I don't have much of an immune system right now. I catch everything in sight. Lately, I've been eating garlic capsules like crazy and putting raw garlic on my meals. This has helped. It increases your NK cell count.

    I asked Ming if she knew anyone in the southern Cal area and she doesn't. So sorry!! I think you should go, but I want to be honest with you since the cost is so high. Chinese medicine is slow to work, it's not a quick fix, but I think it's so much better than western medicine!!!

    I see Ming every week currently, but I used to only go every other week and hopefully I can go back to that.

    We should meet in the chat room sometime. I would like to know more about your CFIDS, how you got it, what your symtoms are, what you're doing for it currently??

    Best wishes,

  5. suexi

    suexi New Member

    I KNEW you were in Colorado!!!! I thought about it after I asked; maybe because of your user name. That is so cool. Wish I could travel. I have always wanted to go there. Maybe because of all the snow; I used to ski also.

    Anyway; Wow I was catching everything also and scared sh#@tless with this bad flu going around. I wash my hands all the time now, get away from coughing people, and I too started garlic pills; 3 a day. So far, so good (knock on wood).

    About your thyroid and adrenal glands, don't these alternative people work on everything such as that? Yes, we should meet in a chat room sometime. Went on it for the first time the other day(the fibro one). Never see anyone in cfids. When do you go on usually?

    Well I must have had cfids for a looong time. When I was about 38, I noticed I couldn't do as much as before and couldn't figure out why I was soo sensitive to alcohol and cold medicines. I would get a hangover the next day after only having 2 drinks. Then in my 40's, started getting weird symptoms; just once in a while. I had always been a jogger/body builder and every now and then felt weird after a short run. Can't describe; spacy; dizzy lightheaded maybe, and wondered if anyone else felt this way; Then BOOM; one day woke up; thought I was getting sick; sore throat,... Sore throat went away; but weird feeling in my head didn't. My body was heavy and so on and so forth. So here I am today at 49 feeling like crap all the time in varying degrees.


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    We have similar backgrounds. I used to jog and workout at a gym which I still pay for but can't go to. My husband keeps wanting to cancel it, but I won't let him. That would mean that I "have given up" and I'm not. No matter what it takes, I'll get back there.

    As far as the chat room goes...I've never really chatted on one before. I looked at this one a couple of times, but I didn't participate. If there's a time you can go, then we can meet there, just let me know. I think CO is 2 hours ahead of you, is that right?

    Today was a really bad day. I've been so hypothyroid lately. I think we need to up my synthroid. You can't treat Hashimoto's (hypothyroid) or juvenile diabetes with alternative therapies alone. You can help it, but that's all. I gotta have insulin and synthroid, no choice there.

    That's bizarre that things were fine for you and then all of a sudden you're symptomatic. Did they run a bunch of tests??? Did they find anything??

  7. suexi

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    As far as tests go, they ran the basics plus lupus and thyroid (found nothing). I only have medi-cal so I would have to pay cash for a specialist. Never heard of a good one (in my area) so too scared to take a chance and waste more $. Actually, I did go to a Rhemy once; just a consultation and he didn't even BELIEVE in CFIDS, only Fibro. I felt that to be a sign.

    I was just going over some other posts and yours also. I am getting very confused. There are so many therapies. I feel like giving up. FFC, FCT, detoxifying yourself, juicing, etc.etc. etc. Your machine to detox the body sounds like the thing to do. I can't afford $2500.00. It sounds to me like, obviously, the chinese accupuncture is only a PART of many things to do? My adrenals seem pretty bad too. I just don't know what to do.

    Can you give me more advice on anything?

    Very confused, feel hopeless at this moment and depressed.

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  9. skierchik

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    There are things we can do to help our immune system. I do alot on the natural/supplement side of things.

    I think maybe, you need to find a better doc on your plan. Alot of docs miss hypothyroidism. Do you have copies of your tests?? If not, I would ask them to send them to you for starters. I'm curious as to what your thyroid test showed. Your symptoms sound like a thyroid condition or adrenal fatigue. For low thyroid, one thing you can do yourself to see if it's low is to check your basal temp?? Have you done this already?

    Have they checked your blood pressure while sitting and standing. If it's lower when you're standing, your adrenals need to be checked.

    Do you have access to health food stores like...trader joes, whole foods or wild oats or a local natural vitamin/grocery store?

    What exactly is your health insurance situation??

    The ionic cleasing machine is great for yeast control. I have juvenile diabetes which means I get high blood sugars and yeast thrives with that. I bought the machine so I could have a little business in my home providing detoxes for friends and their friends too. I need to do this to recoup the cost. That company has another machine now for half the cost I think. Their website is, click on "body cleanse". Something else you can do is buy foot detox pads. Their great and less expensive. If you haven't done anykind of detoxing, I highly recommend them. Look up my other posts on it.

    Before I ask a ton more ?'s I will let you respond to this cuz I don't want to overbear you.

    lots of hugs,


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    I do have copies of my tests. I will definitely have to find them and tell you. What is a basal temp? I forgot.

    I only have medi-cal and had blood drawn with 3 dif docs (general practioners) within the last 4 years. All said the same thing (Everything is fine).

    Yes I am close to T.J's and a good vitiman store.

    The docs only checked blood pressure sitting and none mentioned to check adrenals. How are they actually check? Drawing blood?

    If you want to mail me direct I am at or we can continue here. Either way is ok with me. I had no clue of some of this stuff you have mentioned overall. I was so depressed today. And sometimes I feel like, "I guess I was not meant to get well". I hope you don't feel commited to helping me but I really appreciate it and I will keep trying to think positive.
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