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    It's me again- you mentioned a butter-olive oil protocol...can you tell me more about it? I tried doing a search above, but came up empty.

    The doc said that my son doesn't have candida, but I still give him a probiotic because I think it's good for him.

    Thanks for your insights...Love, Terri
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    I'm not Skierchik but I was a part of the thread. I think this is what you are looking for. I found it under her username.

    Let me know if this is not the correct one and I'll look some more.


    Here's what he wants me to do to "rebuild the intestinal mucosa"

    Note: Use organic butter and olive oil if possible.

    Required: 1 stick butter, softened
    1/2 cup Extra Virgin Olive oil
    10 capsules friendly bacteria (Pro-biotic)
    10 capsules colostrums
    Glutamine 1000mg/10 capsules or 10,000mg (10g)
    Zinc carnosine (by Jarrow)20 capsules (37.5mg)
    1 TBSP of raw unfiltered honey

    Prodedure: Mix butter, olive oil, honey until smooth. Open colostrums caps, friendly bacteria caps, glutamine caps or if you use powder form add 10 g, empty zinc carnosine caps into the mix and lightly blend. Store mixture in refrigerator. Eat 1 tablespoon of mixture for the first 2 days. After that eat 1 heaping tsp per day. Eat directly from the spoon or you may put on food, i.e., whole wheat toast, veggies, etc. if necessary for improved tolerance. Don't heat the mixture!!

    Rationale: Friendly bacteria normally reside in the fatty layer of the intestinal mucosa. When these layers and the friendly bacteria become depleted, the body's immune function deteriorates. The above protocol helps restore the intestinal mucosa. Your body uses the friendly bacteria and oils to rebuild the mucosal lining of your bowel. A healthy mucosa is critical for strong IMMUNE system. This protocol is especially important after one has taken antibiotics.

    This is how the sheet reads after he gave me the additional directions that were left out. I will see him on thursday, once again and if anything changes i will add it to this post.

    He is also having me do a "Honey-Glutathione Protocol" for detoxification. It goes like this:

    Do Upon Arising:

    1. Glutathione 200mg under tongue (Source Naturals)
    2. 1 tspn raw, unfiltered, unpasteurized honey - let
    it liquify in mouth, then swallow it (takes 5-10 min)
    3. 8oz water with 2000mg ascorbic acid (no calcium or anything else added to the vit c and take 1000mg of bioflavinoids. You can squeeze lemon into the water if you want.

    That's everything. I bought the sublingual glutathione at iherb.com in case you can't find that one. My glutamine is by Jarrow also and it's in powder form. The Zinc carnosine by Jarrow was more difficult to find. It wasn't with the regular Zinc. I had to ask for it and it was in a different place. There are lots of probiotics to choose from, but I like Mega Flora by Mega Food. The honey was easy to find. If you have any questions about how to get this stuff, just let me know.

    ps. I felt really good today, I think the bathes are helping already.

    Happy detoxing!

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    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction...I didn't think to type in Skierchik...duh...

    I'm interested in giving this a try, along with more detox baths. Have you tried them? I read your profile, and it said you are going to have your fillings replaced. My son did it last fall, and just now I think we are seeing good results. He finally was able to start college in Jan., and hasn't been sick one day so far! He also started Cortef, for his adrenals, which I believe has helped. He's still very brain fogged in the morning- can't talk or react to anything for about 1/2 hour after getting up. He's then OK until his head hits the pillow 12 hours later...then out for 12 hours. It makes for a tightly scheduled day, without much variation. But I'm thankful he's doing better daily.

    Thanks for writing! Terri
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    Sorry, I just now saw the post.

    Thanks Auntyem for helping me out there. Are you "out" now? How are you feeling?? I thought about you over the weekend and I don't know how you do it. I would have a very hard time with it.

    Alaska....I think rebuilding the mucosa lining is a good thing to try. One batch lasts a long time. I'm still on the original batch. I had a little bit of gas and bloating for the first two weeks, but it was worth it. I don't have it anymore and I'm still taking it. You should be able to find everything at your vitamin store, but if you're not sure about something, let us know.

    Probiotics are great. As you can see they're included in the protocol above. Make sure though that you buy very high quality, but if I remember correcly you are already. How's your son doing??


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    He's doing pretty well...hasn't missed a day of school since Jan.! I think that's great! Now we'll see how the finals go...I'm a little worried, although he has them scheduled for late morning, when he's awake enough. If I had to take him at 8:00, he'd be total brainfog. He wouldn't even know where he was.

    I'm going to try the butter/olive oil combo since he could quite easily eat both of those on toast or noodles...he loves spaghetti with olive oil! And garlic! Whew...

    He is taking Primal Defense, so I think that will cover his probiotic. I'll get over to the natural foods store soon to pick up the stuff for his new treatment...he'll love it! Terri
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    Sounds like a good plan. It should help him. I think most everyone on this board should do it. I eat it straight. It dissolves quickly and the honey gives it some flavor.

    That's great that he hasn't missed a day since January. His immune system must be doing a pretty good job. Thanks to YOU!!

    I used to get sick with the flu ALOT!!!! It's getting alot better and I have found some great natural helpers. I wrote them on this board ( lookup my name or "influenza") if you want to see what's worked for me.


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    You're welcome.

    I've tried the detox baths as has Skierchik. I'll have my fillings replaced as soon as the doctor feels he has my body ready. How many did your son have replaced? I've got 8 that needs to be replaced. I've already lost 3 to crowns.

    I've been on adrenal drops and supplements but was able to stop the supplements last week. I'm probably still another 2 months away from being able to go to the dentist. Did your son go to a dentist that specializes in removing mercury?

    I would love to be able to sleep for 12 hours. I'm lucky to get 7 - 8 interrupted hours of sleep : (

    Keep us posted on your son's progress,
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    You're welcome. It was late and since Terri had already bumped it once it only took me a minute to do a copy/paste. I'm just glad that you did see it.

    Yes, I am now "out". This was the worst one ever. I normally am out from Tues - Sat but since my appt was on a Wednesday I was suppose to be out from Thursday to Sunday night. I was bad and had the urge to pull my work e-mail Friday night. The weather had been nice and I had been outside so I just wasn't in the mood to be cooped up.

    This time he has me taking drops for a 2nd round so I'm hoping he won't notice that I was bad.

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    Don't worry, I won't tell. That has to be soooo hard.

    Keep up the good work, hopefully, soon, you won't have to isolate yourself.

    Do you know anything about Far Infrared Sauna's. My doc likes these better than the ionic foot bathes and want me to invest in one. Not sure if I can wing it, but I just wondered if you knew about them and which one to buy.


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    Sorry, but I don't know anything about them. I've only seen them mentioned on this board.

    Do you think you're feeling better yet?

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    Pianowoman has information on far infrared saunas. I remember writing to her once about them.... Terri
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    I did a search and there is some info, but not enough. I've been looking at them on the net. My doc asked me if I would consider getting one.

    I would love to but, wow, they're expensive and I spent $2500 on my ionic foot detox. He says to use the foot detox and that it will help; however he thinks that this is much better. Unfortunately, I have to agree. Total body sweating is the way to get rid of lots and lots of toxins. My doc didn't recommend a particular one, he just said they cost around $1500. I don't think he realizes that these saunas can emit toxins themselves. There's one that is completely toxic free, but it costs $3500. (This is the one that Dr. Sherry Rogers likes and her name is all over their website). Nope, not doing that. So, I will keep searching and try to find one that is less expensive, but still hopefully toxic free. Are you considering one, Terry?

    I'm definitely overall feeling alot better. I slept soundly last night and woke up at 8:00 this morning. I love it when that happens, but I hate it when that happens!!

    Well, we've had 60 degree beautiful weather until now. Today is 35 degrees and snowing. My chow loves this weather and I hate it unless I'm skiing in it!!


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    Have you thought about looking to see if a local spa might have something similar? You could go 2x a month or so and then the dollars wouldn't hit you all at once.

    Besides, after you get better would you really need to have the sauna.

    Just a thought,
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    That's a good thought. I haven't found one to try out yet, but I've been in regular sauna's before and they've really helped me. The day that I tried a foot detox, I had been in a regular sauna, took a cool shower and then had the ionic foot detox. I was pretty sure that the sauna had helped me as well as the foot detox, but didn't know by how much. I felt so good after that. Then I tried the foot detox by itself, this one was a different machine, I didn't receive as much benefit. I bought one anyway because research shows it helps pull toxins out. I still feel that way and will continue to use it.

    One of the FIS(Far Infrared Sauna) reps told me that the Europeans do the FIS and then they put their feet in a ionic foot detox, so it's beneficial to do both, but I do think that the FIS is the most important factor here.

    I didn't know what they were until recently. My husband said when he gets back into town on Friday that he would listen to what I have to say about them and we could decide if we should get one or not. At least he's open to it and my doc is really pushing it. So far the slow detox program he has me on is hard on my blood sugars (high) and I think he realizes that we have to move more quickly, but not affect my blood sugars in a negative way, thus the FIS. Feel better than I have in a long time though. I wish I had access to one, but so far I haven't found one. I'll keep looking though, cause it would be nice to try one.

    Not sure how much I would need to do it after most of the toxins are out. I'll ask my doctor next week, but I think that I would greatly benefit from it as long as I use it. We are subject to many toxins everyday. The book sadly points that out to the extent that it's overwhelming. I don't worry about it too much, but I am trying to use less plastic containers and use more glass for storing foods.

    Hope all is well for you.



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