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    You mentioned in a post that you found slippers with arch supports. May I ask where? I have been looking for some since my chiro mentioned that she had some. Hers were a gift so she didn't know where they came from. They were called Happy Feet. Well, I did a search for Happy Feet on the internet and I don't want to tell you what came up! Think fetish.

    I would love to know where to get some as I wear arch supports all the time - I have to wear sneakers around the house.

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    The best kind fro me is the slide on kind cuz it allows my uneven feet to slide and find the arch in each shoe. I cant wear a tennis shoe or any kind that has the arch in a ridgid place cuz then it only is good for one foot.

    The ones I love are by DeerFoams and they look like a birkenstock sandle for the sole part. I suspect they are discontinued and thats why they were on super clearance

    I went to the Kohls and found another pair of Deerfoams that are Ok, so I bought them for back up, but they arent as wonderful as the bargain pair I found.

    Whenever Im in a store I go to the slipper dept and try on all the ones in my size and see how they work. Have managed to get by for several years do8ing this and never paying more than 15 per slipper. My favorites were $6.

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    As I live in the boonies and don't get to the "city" shopping often, I will try to find some on-line.