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    Hi Spiritsky:

    I just ran across your post about your experience at FFC - Torrance. Thanks for your report and am I really happy for you for your progress. I see Dr Wightman as well. I noticed that you said you are getting your HGH from a difference place (the price at FFC is crazy). Also, another member, KimWeb replied that she goes there, too. We are both wondering where you get your HGH from. How did you go about doing it? Did Dr. Wightman write you a Rx/recommend a place? Thanks for any info on this,

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    I also see a Dr. @ the Torrance center. Made a huge difference in my life. Can you tell me where you get your growth hormone? I was going to stop taking it beccause it is sooo expensive. Thank you.
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    go to the website for "antiaginggroup". They are located in orlando florida. The HGH that this company uses is from Signature Pharmacy, also in orlando. It only costs $8 per iu instead of $16 at the FFC, and it's a better quality. I inject 50% less for the same effect.

    To get the prescription you need to work with the antiaginggroup and fill in all the information and send them your lab results. They will have a doctor call you for a 15 minute consult and then give you the prescription. It doesn't cost anything for the consult - you only pay for the HGH. (I'm not sure if you can deal directly with Signature Pharmacy or not, I suppose if you could get a sript from FFC they would fill it but I didn't want my FFC doc to know about it)

    They will also send you needles if you want and they are also about 50% of the price that FFC charges you. If you want even cheaper needles there are places on the web where you can get them...I only pay $13 for 100 31guage insulin needles.

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    Hi SpiritSky
    Thank you so much for the detailed info! That is a substantial savings. I, like you, really like Dr. Wightman; he is very understanding, supportive and approachable. I have been going to him since last July and have been impressed, although have not had as strong as progress as you have had, so far.
    On needles, I can't quote the price, but I buy them at CostCo, which I usually trust to have very competitive pricing. And just an FYI, even if you are not a member there, you can still go to their pharm, per federal law.
    Thanks again Spirit!
    - Mag
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    thanks magpie...I'll check costco out...

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