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    I dp hope that I have the names correct and also that I am not labeling you 2 at "seniors' when you aren't. I thought that i read your ages on a thread.

    Anyway, i am so tired of hearing the word "elderly". i don't consider myself elderly, only a senior citizen. I wondered how the both of you felt about it.

    i feel that some of my younger friends and my family feel that all of my troubles are from age. I have FMS, Osteoarthritis in my hands, wrists and arms that hurt with anything that I do (that can be age), scoliosis all of my life but no one ever but a name to it, and now spinal stenosis! In other words, I hurt so very much. Do you?

    Are you on pain Rxs? The only thing I have so far is Tylenol #3. I tried Duragesic patches but I got so constipated that I ended up in ER. Oh yes, I am 75 (was i Oct.)

    Do you get discouraged? Do you take any Rxs that help? I get a spinal injection a week from tomorrow and pray that it helps through the holidays.

    I would love to hear from someone that is a senior and see how it all effects them.

    Gentle Hugs.

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    lilaclover30 New Member

    Bumping for seniors

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