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    I hate to admit it but it occurred to me this morning while shuffling through my supplements that I am only, after eleven years, beginning to understand something about them. That is that some supplements and herbs are most often taken to promote healing while others are intended more to sustain or maintain health. To make it more confusing, some do both.

    For example, while vitamin C may be used for healing and sustaining health, garlic is more indicated for healing as is pau d'arco. A person may take a daily multi-vitamin or individual supplements to sustain and support health; Olive Leaf Extract is often used for healing.

    This might be very obvious to all or many of you but I suspect that others like me (thicker-headed ones? lol) or the newbies might appreciate a breakdown. I've read through most of Stormy's posts and I think she might be the best one to attempt this. This is not, of course, meant to be medical advice, just a guideline, a little road map.

    Would it be possible to make such a list of supplements and herbs commonly used for CFS/FM? Or maybe someone knows of somewhere such a list already exists.

    Meanwhile, I'm dividing my "stash" to make it simpler.

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    This might be a lot of work but it's a great idea. It would be very helpful to know what to load up on or add when you're in the midst of a flare or you're fighting yeast or if you're feeling ok what should you keep as your everyday regimen.
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    Thanks, Stormy. I guess I was selfishly hoping for a list with definitions so I'd best get myself some books. I'll take your recommendation about The Herb Lady's Notebook for starters. If you or anyone thinks of other books that would be helpful, let me know. I'm pretty sure I don't do more because I don't know more. I become confused when reading detailed explanations and am also concerned about interactions. I supppose I need a good NP......

    Meanwhile, books with simple, simple stuff, please, like A is for...... ;>)


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    One book I have found very helpful is Prescription for Herbal Healing by Phyllis A Balch.

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    Thank you again.

    Cathy, I've written the title down along side the other one and will look them up.


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