TO: Stormyskye or anyone on Threelac..

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by gramaT, Feb 3, 2006.

  1. gramaT

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    I've been on ThreeLac for about a month and was wondering when I should increase from one packet a day. There are no instructions about that. I have been quite tired and sinus headaches. Mabe just being off the sugar and sticking with the Threelac is good enough? I have also added Candida Cleanse two caps a day with water. Mabe thats why I hurt more. I would like to start feeling better.
    Thanks for your help.
    Carolyn in Ill
  2. SherylD

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    for about a month too.... I also feel worse and I think it is from not eating all the things we use to eat..

    Today I ate more "normal" and felt a lot better. I just don't eat things with sugar. And I am trying to watch what I eat..

    I have found if I excercise just a little it really helps too.

    I know how you feel cuz I feel the same way...I have the sunus headaches.. and I am really tired...I just think it all takes time to figure it out.. But it is frustrating.

    I am only going to take the 1 packet a day. I don't like to rush things.

    Good luck to you.

  3. gramaT

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    Sherl and Stormy
    Thanks for answering.
    I guess it may be the cleanse too. But I will try to be patient and keep drinking the water. I heard it may take up to a year to get rid of the yeast. Yikes!! I sure hope not. But like you, I feel so much better when I can walk. I will when it gets warmer and do yoga for now.

    thanks again
    I sure appreciate the help I get from you all. You're the best!
    love Carolyn

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