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    Thank you for being soo supportive during my last posting. I really appreciate all that you said...If it hadn't been for your understanding I may not have ever returned to this site again. It is difficult enough trying to deal with this dreadfull illness without having those that you think are your allies turn against you by doubting your honesty and validity. I stick by my claim that the HCL (betaine hydrochloride) has helped me immensely with all the digestion issues and the muscle pain associated with it. It has been a GODSEND.

    That said, it seems everytime I get a little hopeful (cocky) that I have conqered some aspect of this condition, I am slammed back down with something that puts me in bed for several days and soo it is right now with me......

    I guess I got a little too comfortable with the space I was in for several weeks and I indulged myself in a piece of chocolate cake with icing two days ago. I think because of it, I am now experiencing intense muscle pain again all over my body and am having a relapse.

    The relapses I have seem to be triggered by something I eat.....usually a piece of cheesecake or chocolate cake with icing. I rarely eat these things anymore. The last time I ate cheesecake was on my anniversary last August and I was in intense pain afterwards for a month!!!! I hope this indiscretion does not set me back a whole month....

    Do you have to be this careful about what you eat? I am usually very careful and because of it and all the other things I am doing (ie alkalinizing, etc.), I have had little and no muscle pain for quite sometime now but then I think "just one piece should not matter" and BAM I am hit with the muscle pain and brain fog so bad I cannot think of what to do to help myself.

    Any suggestions to get me back on the right track FAST would be appreciated.
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    skinnymini New Member

    do you mean the sugar causes yeast to grow in me?? I was thinking I was just very sensitive to sugar and dairy products and am always hopeful that someday I will not be as sensitive so I "test" this theory out once in a while...

    I just discovered a whole lot of little bumps, maybe hives, on my forearms that I have never had before. Yesterday, when I took some flaxseed oil by spoon, I gagged and sputtered and choked on it and then noticed I was wheezing a little while later. I muscle tested for it and found it to be a "negative" for me. I should have tested it out before I ever took any of it but I assumed it would be OK because I had had the flaxmeal before without any reaction, atleast none that I noticed. Maybe this allergy or whatever it is is causing the muscle pain too.....
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    on the other thread and although I have heard about candida for a long time now and did not believe I had it, I now think i da have it. It now makes sense that the cake I ate would trigger a lot of candida growth and toxin biuld up in my system.

    But YIKES!!! where do I start to get rid of it??? I have read that garlic in capsule form is practically useless. I am already taking probiotics and have been for some time now. I am overwhelmed!!!!! and in great pain at the moment...I feel I am in a losing battle
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    I know that you didn't actually address this to me and I hope you will forgive the intrusion.

    I just wanted to tell you that I do believe you. I would think that sometimes the stress from feeling like you're being attacked by someone on this board can be enough to put someone back down (very stressful). I think it would me (actually it has once). I just don't understand how things can seem to get so out of hand sometimes. Maybe just so many different personalities here.

    Now shake it off girl, you found something that works for you!! I think that is truly wonderful and I appreciate each and every one of you that contribute the things that have helped you along the way!!

    I just wanted to say that I believe you, I support you, I appreciate you, and I'm really sorry you're not feeling good right now. Bless you for sharing. Please forgive the intrusion......

    PS Stormy has been a GODSEND too!!
    (((((soft hugs))))
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    Skinnymini, I know that you only addressed this post to certain people and since I wasn't one of them I hope you don't mind that I read your post. I also hope that you don't mind that I am commenting on your post.

    I did post on your other thread about being cured of FMS and have been following that thread.

    I just wanted to say that I'm sorry that you have had a relapse and are experiencing so much pain. It has happened to me, many, many times. I've tried a new supplement or eliminated certain foods or been prayed over or whatever the reason but I felt much, much better for a while. I am so cautious with what I say about my health when I have days, weeks even months of feeling better, almost "normal". I have once or twice said that I was "healed" only to crash after a stressful life event or after eating too much ice cream. So, I try to be careful about saying that I have been cured or healed. To me it's embarrassing and disappointing to say I'm cured and then the next week not be able to walk without a cane. FMS and CFIDS are such complex and mysterious illnesses and I believe that time and a process that involves a comprehensive approach (diet, supplements, physical therapy, exercise, rest, etc.) that will get us to the point of feeling well and posssibly, cured. That is my humble opinion.

    I am sorry that you have felt attacked and I'm glad that you have decided to stay. This is a wonderful message board. Sometimes we get our feelings hurt and sometimes there are disagreements that get a bit out of hand. But, all in all, considering the challenges that we deal with, I think more often than not, we help each other.

    Don't be discouraged by this relapse. Keep on keeping on and keep on coming back.



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    for your input...I know I will start feeling better soon...I try to stay positive about everything but I do have those times when I feel overwhelmed and today was one of those thanks for listening and for your ideas...It all helps....
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    I feel so sorry for Skinny, All she did was try to help us with what she genuinely believes has cured her FM. The criticism she is getting is not necessary. I commend her for being such a lady in responding to these attacks.

    We are all allowed to have differences of opinions here and shouldn't be criticized for what we believe.

    Bye the way, there have been very valid studies that now say there is a true connection between mind body and spirit. There is no question that our stresses can definitely make us physically ill. Our bodies pick up on everything.

    Just needed to add my 2 cents worth,


  8. intensemom

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    Glad my posts helped, meant every word of it!

    I agree about the sugar thing! I need to do better myself with that!

    2 things I do that seem to helps are: detoxifying baths and "ioncleanse foot detox" treatments(possibly offered at your local healthfood/health store). Anything to get the toxins OUT so that they are not recirculationg in your body!!!

    Don't be will turn around!


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