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    I just love your approach to this diagnosis and you always have the best suggestions for people on how to help to balance our systems.

    I have been told through the FFC that I have candida. You mentioned to check our tongue to see a white film. I can't tell. What color should it be? Sorry for dumb question.

    Also my FFC doctor had looked at my bottom feet and could tell (slightly yellow) that I had malabsorption problems. Also my stomach is sore to touch. That's why I think that the drink Dr. T's is better then all the caps because I'm thinking they are going right through.

    I'm on the dyflucan and accipphlus also trying to watch my diet. Once I eliminate the sugar and junk I loose more weight and I'm already small. I'm also on 2 different antibiotics so that adds to the yeast.

    Does your drink include milk because I can't have that. I should give it a try.

    I still have lots of pain but since the FFC have stabilized my hormones I'm feeling better.

    Your tips are always appreciated! Love your children's photo. They are attractive.

    UPDATE: Ok I just printed out your shake recipe and only had the flaxseed oil so used 2 tbsp. and yuk!! That's all I could taste. So should I use the seed dry from the bag kind? I had the immunocal whey protein here and everything else. I love molasses so that's no problem.

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