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    I don't in any way mean to disregard anyone else's information and posts on here as many have helped me along this journey. I don't mean to offend anyone else by telling YOU what YOU have meant to me.

    I was just wondering if you had ever thought about getting one of those "free" websites and posting your info on there. You have done so much research and provided such helpful information in various threads on here. It's difficult sometimes to search back so far in your profile to get to the things that I really need. Most times I don't even know that they are there until you or someone else bumps them. Then I find that it's info that I wish I had had all along. Like the one from January that was bumped back up today.

    You have such vast knowledge and research that you have dedicated to this and it has been so beneficial for so many of us.

    Of course, that would require probably way much more time to do than I could ever imagine, especially with the demon kittens (adorable) running around overhead.

    I just feel like you have contributed so much to my own personal improvements and progress and also to many others on here. I guess it's just a selfish thing, on my part, to want to be able to access all of your info in one place.
    Info such as the shake, nutrition, supplements, healthy recipes, and the list is endless..... Things that I still don't know exist, but you already have done the research on and posted them.

    I hope you don't mind my asking, and if you chose not to respond to this part, I understand compeltely.... Have you always been a housewife? Your knowledge of all of this totally overwhelms me (that's not even a good enough word).

    How long were you sick? I didn't see it in your profile. Did you just learn all of this since you've been sick, or did you have lots of prior medical or health education? You are just so knowledgeable on all of this. Much more so than so many people that I deal with on a regular basis (physicians and the like) and please understand I'm not knocking them. I know that some of them are doing all that they can, including learning, because I feel like mine are actually and authentically trying to help me. They even read new research info that I take to them as long as I keep it to a minimum.

    I just admire you so. You have such strength, warmth, character, understanding, knowledge, compassion, much to share. I understand if you don't have time for something like this, but it sure could bless a lot of people's lives. I wish there were a way that I could just see one huge list of all the posts you've ever made on here. My search times out a lot lately when looking through so much history.

    Do you suppose we could ask the web administrators to set up a section of the site just for your posts? I'd like to see that and I'd also like to see a board on here for the spouses that are coping with our illnesses. My hubby is doing much better with it now, but he really needs to be able to connect to others that can relate to what he is dealing with too.

    What do you think? Is it worth a shot or is it way out of your time restraints to even consider something of this sort??? If you don't have that kind of time, do you think that the administrators here would allow something like that (all your posts in one area) if a lot of other people asked for it too?

    Thanks Stormy, for so much,
    Debbie (MrsJ)