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    CAn you please tell me what an "Old EB virus: that showed up in my blood test actually means. I went complaining of fatigue and doc told me this about the blood work. What does it mean when it says old EB virus? Does that explain the fatigue that hasn't gotten better but only worse since I was tested. I had mono quite a few times when I was younger got over it and never had any more fatigue until last year and it is getting progressivly worse with alot of muscle weakness, I've had fibro for years and years. What does that test report tell you? Thanks
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    EBV can remain dormant for a long time until something (a trigger) happens to distract your immune system enough for the virus to reactivate. Doctors are familiar with this phenomenon. When HSV-1 (or -2) reactivates we ge cold sores. Triggers may be hard to identify or difficult to understand. (Sunshine can trigger cold sores. Wh'd have thought?) Not all physicians will agree that EBV can be reactivated in this way and might account for some of your symptoms. If he's interested and wants to investigate, he might want to try getting a PCR test done to check for viral DNA in your blood. I prefer to use MDL Labs in NJ for testing. You might both want to see what you can learn about problems with hypercoagulation. Jelly belly and I have both been trying to bring this possibility to other people's attention, because we're both convinced understanding it has really helped us to improve, and Madwolf is looking into it seriously now as well. You can do a search on the engine above. You might also want to try transfer factor specifically focused on EBV. I posted info about a source to Jellybelly recently. Let me know if I can answer any more questions for you. Best wishes, Sujay
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    Herpes-family viruses seem to be especially problematic for us. They can go "stealth" living inside our cells cleverly using RNA and DNA to fool the immune system. That is why it takes the DNA tests to unearth them.

    Love, Mikie