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    I played 3 nights a week for 2-3 hours for many years. I played doubles with 3 guys who were fairly good. I think that in tournaments I played B women's (unless there were not many women and I played A) and played C and B men's. I also played a lot of mixed doubles. I used to love it, and tried to find a tournament every weekend. I even helped form a racquetball club at my company in 1986. I work for a large aerospace company in LA County.

    I did have a bad injury while playing. I was walking into a court to play doubles and I was behind a big guy, and I was putting my safety glasses on, and the pro (who we were playing against) hit a practice shot that went right into my eye. I did not even see it. Well, fortunately, I did not lose the eye, or even tear the retina. I did have a hyphema, which caused some blood vessel to break and filled my eye (the white part as well) with blood. I could not see out of it for about 4 months. My pupil remained dilated for about a year, but I was very lucky.

    I miss it. Really badly. So sad how small our worlds have become.

    Did you play often? Did you do tournaments. What level did you play at?


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