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    HI SWEETPOTATOE! I just read your post about how you called for help at the new church you started attending. And you said that the pastors wife came over and told you to .."get over yourself... and that you didn't have enough faith!!" My goodness... what is the matter with some Christians!!

    Well may I say as a fellow believer... I AM SO SORRY YOU WERE TREATED LIKE THIS FROM A "SISTER IN THE LORD"!!

    The Word says that ...."if we have faith as a mustard seed"... so if you even have a tiny amount of faith... then NOTHING SHALL BE IMPOSSIBLE. Without faith it is impossible to please God... and it sounds to me that YOU DO IN FACT HAVE FAITH!! Please know that with just a small amount of faith you are pleasing to the Father!


    I have been standing for years believing God for my healing from FM... I do not yet see the manifestation of my faith in the natural... but I am still standing and believing! Gods Word is sure... Gods Word is true even when my circumstances don't look like it! Gods Word will not return void... is shall accomplish what God said it would!

    So please for your own sake... forgive this woman, pray for her and then find a group of believers who will support and undergird you with believing prayer. You do not need someone to "shoot you down" when you are feeling so low already! You need to be built up and encouraged in the love of God and the power of His Word!

    NEVER GIVE UP SWEETPOTATOE! AND IF THE CHURCH YOU ARE NOW ATTENDING IS NOT BUILDING YOU UP... ENCOURAGING YOU AND CAUSING YOU TO GROW IN THE LOVE AND KNOWLEDGE OF CHRIST... THEN FIND ANOTHER ONE THAT WILL! Unfortunately there are a lot of "Christians" out there who do not flow in the love and grace of our Lord Jesus the way they should.

    Blessings to you Dear Sweetpotatoe.... CarolK
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    Sorry it took me a little while to get back to you... been having a little computer problem.

    I just wanted to share this brief article with you that I received in my email today. Like so many other believers I am always longing for a deeper and more intimate relationship with my Lovely Lord. It all comes down to the simplicity of ... "The Love Walk".

    This article blessed me, so I am sharing it with you. I also know that it can be difficult to love others in the Body of Christ! And like you I have been hurt by some well meaning people in the Church!! They can make it hard to love them. May it be a blessing to you as well. By the way... I live in California.... south of San Francisco in the Santa Clara Valley. So nice to chat with a believer from Australia!
    Blessings to you Sweetpotatoe!! CarolK*****************************************

    Last week I talked about the changes that the "love anointing" brings. Just to review, here in simple language, is a description of the love anointing:

    1. Jesus lives in me. He is love, and so His love lives in me. 'He has shed His love abroad in our hearts"

    2. "Faith works through love." Not my love, but His love in me. This means that my faith is anointed, and energized by His love in me, not my efforts. "not that we love Him but that He first loved us." We are told to abide in this love.

    3. Powerful Christian living is not about not my spiritual performance ie: training in the word, knowing the right prayers and confessions, trying to 'get into" the anointing etc. It is walking in CHILD LIKE FAITH in His presence, and love.

    4. As I abide in, and walk in, and minister HIS LOVE, the love anointing energizes my faith and it is powerful, it releases miracles. So we love people with His Love, ( Not just your love. We let His love living in us love them. This is the essence of compassion)

    We, in the west, usually focus on spiritual living from our heads. We keep looking for the "holy grail" , a new method, a new prayer,or a new teaching, that will give us power to live like the first century church. We want meetings, meetings, meetings, to somehow receive more power. This is a spiritual performance mentality, and we have built our churches on it!

    But we don't seem to get it. The Lord and master of the universe is dwelling in you, right now, without any effort on your part. "If the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead DWELLS IN YOU, He will quicken your mortal bodies..." This means anointing from His life within, not a meeting without! It takes a change of mind and repentance to move into the 'love anointing". It's not what you do, it's abiding in the love of Jesus in you. But, IT'S EASY! A CHILD CAN WALK IN IT! Only we must lay down our performance mode to walk in this newness of life. It's a hard thing for most Christians trained in the modern church.
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    Sweetpotatoe... I know what you mean about the "performance mentality"!! I see that mindset alot in the churches in our area too! But I believe the Holy Spirit is in the process of setting people free from this legalistic mindset!

    Just so you know, I recently left a church that I had been at for over 15 years! It was endless meetings, work, and jump through the hoops! It was always about what you "DO FOR JESUS" ... Not "WHO YOU ARE IN JESUS". Always an emphasis on doing, doing, doing.

    I finally got to the point where I had church burn-out! Where was the LOVE AND GRACE. And having FM just made me feel like I could not do all the things I wanted to do in ministry. I felt like a constant failure and that I always fell short.... and I did cause I was using my own effort!!!

    So I left!! It was a very difficult thing to do... BUT SO GLAD I DID. The Lord has been ministering to me about HIS WONDERFUL GRACE AND LOVE FOR ME. Reminding me that it is not my "DO" that is important to Him... but my "WHO"... that is important. That is why He calls us "HUMAN BEINGS... NOT HUMAN DOINGS".

    He has been teaching me this past year about just drawing nigh unto Him... being still and knowing that He is God! Coming to a place in my walk with Him where I truely experience His great love for me.... NO MATTER WHAT I DO. Finding His faithfulness far exceeds my failures... and that I do not have to work at holding onto Him because He is holding onto me. That's His job, holding onto me cause He knows I do not have the strength to hold onto Him.

    In the time that you are away from a church building Sweetpotatoe... know in your heart that He loves you... He will never forsake you.... He see's and knows your weakness and your struggles... that He is as close as your very breath... and what He wants from all of us more than anything else is not performance and service... but just simply to love Him and trust Him.

    May you find the reality of His nearness and His sweet love for you today... right where you are! May you be blessed with a deep and intimate awareness of His great love for you in a very special way... is my prayer for you. So nice to chat with a fellow believer!! Love and blessings to you Sweetpotatoe! CarolK

    B.I.B.L.E.... Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth ;o)


    PS 2... I will be out for several hours so I will check back later this evening to see if you responded to this post. It is now 1:20pm Saturday March 25th..
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    Go back to the post that you first posted too.

    I also left you a message about that. I am embarrassed by that woman.

    Please read it on the thread.