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    I too have had concerns about cyto. being from bovine with the bizzare sandpaper dry dry fire ant like biting burning tingling and extreme thrist some senisivity on IGG food allergys to milk , past binging and ongoing fighting it and what do i crave ?? malts?

    i'm very concerned about dairy the cytolog seems if you have read my post i've been on it longer than pat, it has some benefits the catch 22 with me is it seems to exascerbate that bizzare top syp. of mine of 5 yrs.

    here is what joe bentley of lifestar e mailed me in response to my ongoing concerns, i've tried dilluting a spray with water and it seems to not affect what dr. cheney calls my top symptom sensory "dyesthias" meaning somewhat nerve related i'm not sure i guess he's partly right

    Also i've yet to find a really good alternative to whey protien isolates for raising glutathiane that i see is viable, so i try and just take about couple of tsp. per day all i can tolerate or it hurts my stomach,

    let me know what you think, you are welcome to e mail me i've talked with joe quite a lot

    thansk PM

    Hi Paul,

    Cytolog does not have any milk in it. It's been in testing for almost 10 years now and has never been shown to have any side effects whatsoever even with premature babies. It can be drunk by the quart like water. It's influence is non-chemical in nature and it's not homeopathic. The info on Cytolog you pasted with this mail was written by me, so I know it's content well.

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    I have to apologise to you, as I thought you were asking about taking cytolog, and if I thought it safe for you given how acutely ill you are.

    I hadn`t cottoned on to the fact you are already on it.

    Are you still taking this or stopped?

    Have you had your PH balance checked?

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    Thanks for your message and your e-mail address. I will no doubt take you up on your offer.

    Head spinning at moment - so much info, so few brain cells that want to work; you know how it is.

    I'm assuming from this that in theory it's ok but that you do have some problems.

    I find that I have to go very slowly into new treatments, increase them one at a time starting with a minimal dose. Otherwise I seem to get more than than I bargained for.

    Don't mind herxs because they indicate progress but often I just get bad reactions or I seem to be asking more of my body than it can cope with at that time.


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    yes pat i've been on cyto about 6 wks.

    negatives - seems to exascerbate that bizarre top symptom snadpapery dry dry fire ant like burning biting tingling in mouth tongue throat and bronhails and slight rash feeling in roof of mouth, hoever, it could be my many food sensivities, due to th2 system in overdrive (per cheney) alhtouh he doesn't know i'm on cytolog he recommend T. factor and colustrum,

    i had the same prob. with jurac classic tonic

    on the other hand i can't tell what is causing what is could be othe rsupps,

    Joe benttley lifestar i asked him if i could put a spray in water and maybe the "sensory dyethias " of the mouth tongue throat and chest as cheney calls them, would not be bothered as much that seems to help some,

    i take lifestar whey protein bout l tbs. on ly as i can stomach hurts a lot

    milk concerns me as the binging episodes consist of malts ice cream

    so that could definetley be a contributor , trying real hard to control that but i'm l32 lbs. at 6 l" my body mass index is dangerously low but with leaky gut bedriddden just hte cycle it's a viciousl snowball effect

    pluses of cyto: helps energy, and the muscle weakness and pain, and MS like weakness in muscles limbs IF i sleep

    JB assures me it has no milk in it , maybe it doesn't i guess he knows more than I WE are not at liberty to know how it is processed he does,

    I 'm not sure i've ever had a hex. reaction so many things bother me and i'm so ill, i can't really tell,

    it seems everyting i'm hypersensivite DR. cheney says i fit the classic mold of the th2 overactivation seen in many of cfids patients,

    i see him 6/l0

    if i can help tansy or pat e mail me paul Mark