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    'Now realise I described hughes syndrome (whether I have it or not) without realising it; even mentioned my PE, miscarriage, +++, because he recommended oestrogen.'

    I just read your message to Jelly and wanted to
    know if you have heard of or been tested for
    polycystic ovarian disease??? I ask because
    it can go with FMS, symptoms are similar to
    FMS, and also PE's and miscarriages can
    be a sign of it. They usually do a fasting insulin
    test, ultrasound of ovaries, and hormone levels.
    I posted a bunch of info the other day for

    Just wanted to mention it.


    I read you bio and I used to play piano. I recently
    got a casio keyboard with all the bells and whistles.
    I have a piano but I love all the stuff you can add
    with the casio keyboard. I haven't been able to use
    it much this past year but hope too. It's difficult
    playing the piano with FMS and back pain, but I do
    find it a great way to relieve stress, when I am able.
    Just thought I would add this little tidbit! LOL
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    Hi Lynn,

    Thanks for that info.

    My GP sent me for an ultrasound to check for that but it was clear. If the hormone levels come up on the standard blood tests she would have picked that up. Latest one just confirmed I was perimenopausal. I did not know they were responsible for PEs too, mine happened after 6 months on oral contraceptives. I do beleive it had more to do with coagulation though it fits my history better.

    I did see your post and read it. At the moment I'm carrying on with my current programme which had slowed down a rapid downhill decline I'd gone into. Now I'm concentrating on the hypercoagulation because it seems so relevant to problems I've had on and off since I was 13. I'm hoping treatment for that will settle many other things down and I'll then just deal with what's left. My last period was in March and that's helped, I'm using natural HRT alternatives, my GP and I agree that for the current time we should stick at it.

    Did however go from being very fertile ie pregnancies happening straight away to not falling pregnant at all. By then was having a lot of problems so just aimed at getting more fit and making sure my life was very balanced even though there really were no obvious reasons regarding my life and lifestyle. Never did get to the bottom of that but after a while it no longer mattered.

    I played guitar, mandolin (a little), harmonica, full drums and other more specialised ones. Can't do any of those at the moment. Sold all my instruments bar one small classic guitar, just couldn't do anything quite that final. A friend has borrowed it and loves its sound so I feel good about that. Used to sing too but throat's really bad and believe me I'm so out of tune now it's awful for everyone else. Now I live on my own that doesn't matter so much, singing is supposed to be good for all sorts of reasons but I cringe on hearing myself. Do hope you manage to play your keyboard soon.


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    I just wanted to make sure you covered all bases.
    My ultrasound came back clear too but I have
    enlarged ovaries, no pcos cysts. All my hormone
    levels are normal. The only test I was positive
    for was insuline resistance. My endo firmly
    believes that I have PCOS, even though I get
    my period regulary, etc. I wish I didn't.
    I hate it!!! LOL

    Take Care,