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    Thanks for showing me that message yesterday about the doctor in Cincinnati. Amazingly, she is on my insurance plan whooo hooo. I called her office and am supposed to get a reply by Monday as to if she is familiar with CFS. I hope that she is and it seems to be if a doc is familiar with FM they are with CFS or visa versa. Now all I need to do is wait and figure out a way to get a referal from my PCP.
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    I hope it all works out for you. When I need a referral I just call and ask for one. My former PCP was clueless about almost everything other than strp and sinus infections.

    When I needed one to a rheumy, who turned out to be not much help to me, but that was him in particular, not all, I just told them I needed a referral for possible CFS and FM. They didn't give me any hassles. They knew I was ill and they had no clue what to do for me.

    Let me know if this all works out for you.

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    My PCP is clueless as well. God love her, but she does think I am nuts. I just called her for a prescription for a sinus infection which I get all the time now. She called me back saying that the Antibiotic that the ENT doc gave me for the lymph nodes would help the sinus infection. I told her that I have been on that antibiotic for 2 weeks and it has done nothing for my sinuses nor my swollen glands. She just said "Oh" and that I would have to wait for my appt with the ENT next tuesday.


    At least I feel like I am getting somewhere.