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    If you would, could you please advise me. You seem to be a person who is educated and have gotten your life kind of together. I need help with what I am to do about working. The job I have is very strenuous. They have overtime requirements that say you HAVE to work scheduled hours, then schedule up to 58 hours a week. I can't even call my doctor or dentist, or any business that I need to take care of. You have to schedule apointments a week in advance to avoid the overtime without being charged with an "occurance". I don't know about you, but I have never schduled sickness, so it's difficult to schedule Doctors' appoinments. (You may think I'm whining here, but I am not the only one who has noticed this) The hardest and hottest jobs seem to be reserved for the over 50's who work on this line. Forty hours puts me down to the point that weekends are ONLY for resting and trying to be prepared for the next week, the overtime kills me.

    I need to know how I can go about finding a means of supporting myself without the physical exertions. I am 55, separated from my husband for over 2 years (haven't seen him in over a year). I would have no objections to going to school, I guess an associates degree at my age would be about as beneficial as I could get, and still have time to use it.

    I have been dx'd as cfids, the fatigue and immune problems are what drives me insane. I can't seem to think when i'm so awfully tired. Stress and a little extra work just about do me in.

    I've got to do something...I just don't think I can continue to do the work required. The factory is new here, and I have 15 years of office experience, but it's getting me no where fast. I have had problems with the dept. mgr. who has accused me in backhanded ways of just trying to avoid working the overtime by have an abcess tooth extracted...(funny thing, he has had the same, and missed 2 afternoons work having HIS abcessed tooth extracted...this after his mouthy words). He wanted to know just how long I intended keeping this (the dental work...VERY MUCH NEEDED) up.

    Barbra, I guess I sound rambling and unfocused. Maybe I am, but the problem is very real. This is Saturday, and I have so many things I need to get done, and the energy is just not there. My house is a desaster area. I need a bulldozer to clean. I just can't seem to get it together...I cant't seem to move forward. I need help in the worst sort of way. If you can, and if you feel like it, please, please help me.

    Believe me when I say, if you don't feel like it, I so do understand...

    God Bless you, today and EVERY day.


    PS: I am trying to help myself. I start smoking cessation this Tuesday, and I have plans to start an exercise program of some sort...maybe tai chi...and walking or something...(suggestion?) I don't want to wind up disabled, though I know no one does.
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    I just found this post after being out of town visiting a college friend. I think this a personal decision that only you can make.

    As a single woman my first question would be is your husband providing anything for your support? It seems to me that if you are dx'd with CFIDS and are having cognitive problems that going to school would not solve your problems.

    The last graduate level class I had to take to remain certified to teach was what seemed at the time to be the most difficult I had ever taken. Looking back on it now I recognize that the reason it was so difficult was that due to my cognitive problems at the time I could not make sense out of the assignments.

    I ended up doing fine in the class, but it came after tears over every week's assignment because I could not understand what was wanted. This was in spite of the fact that many of the assignments were quite similar to ones I asked of my second graders. I knew they were similar, but I still could not figure out how to do them.

    If I had known at the time I separated from my husband that I had been dealing with CFIDS symptoms for more than ten years at that time I would never have agreed to only seven years alimony. I would have asked for the maximum I could have gotten. It's too late for me to change that now, but not for you.

    I suggest that you speak with a good attorney about your support options. I have a dear friend who has several chronic health issues and her ex has to pay her alimony for life and 54% of his pension plan. In addition they each hold a sizable life insurance policy on his life, with her as the beneficiary.

    You may have options you have never thought of. I wish you luck.

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    to your posting. There are two things I thought of when I read your posting. First of all, American with Disabilities Act, if you have a disability your employer could be required to made accomodations for you. I would think that avoiding the excessive overtime would come under that. Also, FMLA allows a person who has an illness to take up to a certain amount of time off per year. This time could be all at once or intermittently, a day here a day there. The time missed can't be held against you, or in your case count as an occurrence. Your HR department should have the information on both FMLA and ADA. If not, you should be able to contact the Bureau of Labor or some other department to get the correct information.

    I don't see how you can work those hours, they really seem excessive to me. Your department manager sounds like a real jerk to me. Does he really have the right to ask you questions about your health?? I don't think he does actually. Good luck to you, I hope you find a solution soon.