To tell or not to tell?

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  1. Megster

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    Need some advice. I have a friend that from her problems/symptoms, I believe that she also has either CFS or FMS. She is constantly tierd, and I end up seeing her take it out on her kids. She knows that I have FMS, but we haven't talked about it that much. To me, there are many indications that she is suffering just like the rest of us (fatigue, irritablility, overweight, hair falling out and dry, headaches, ect). So, do I tell her what I think??? Aprreciate your input.

  2. sue t

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    ask her how she is feeling these days, or say "you look a little tired today" and take it from there. I suppose you can't force your thoughts or feelings with her unless she wants to open up about it.
    Just be there and when she needs you she'll let you know.
    Sorry couldn't be more help.

  3. tansy

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    I don't actually say I think someone has my condition, mine's been particularly severe and I have had it for 22 years so I don't want them to jump to the conclusion the same might happen to them.

    What I do do though is give them some e-mail addressess and phone numbers which include sources of information not just on CFS & FMS but similar condidions, I concentrate particularly those sources that give practical advice and additional contacts.

    I also agree with Sue and Mikie, as to how you might approach your friend. Telling someone they look tired will go down better, you're not implying they are ill and it gives them the chance to open up if they want to.



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  4. Mikie

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    The dry hair thing is one of the most blaring examples of hypothyroidism, but many of us have that as well. She is probably in denial that anything is wrong. I like the approach mentioned here of telling her she looks tired and asking her how she is feeling. It might open her up to discussing it. At least it will give you some kind of indication of where she's at. Good luck.

    Love, Mikie