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    Girls, just taking time out from cleaning to say hello.

    Linda, are you sick? Haven't saw any posts from you maybe i've just missed them. Like to hear from you. Miss hearing from you.

    Terri, i'm sure you are busy to. I know how busy having a family at home is. I haven't done much. I went to our Fall Festival this past Sat. The day was so beautiful here. My oldest son sang & played. I've took my husband sister out of town twice to see a eye dr. She had a MRI done Mon she has a spot in her eye don't know yet what it is. I saw where it's snowing in Fairbanks. It's snowing & really really cold in Prudhoe Bay. My son comes home Oct 17. He gets to be home for the kids birthday(grandson Oct 21, grand-daughter Nov 4). My oldest was 43 Oct 6. Hope all your family are doing good. Has your MIL gotten settle in yet?

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    So wonderful to hear from you. I always look forward to hearing from you & Terri. Sorry you have had a flare up. Im always busy doing something. I loved to when i can. It was my sister-in-law(my hubby sister) i took to the eye Dr. the last 2wks. They thought she may been getting MS---her baby sister has it & 2 cousins--good news the Dr called this morning & said he doesn't think that is what is going on with her---he is getting & appt. with another Dr. to check her retna. She can't see out of part of her eye.

    My sister is doing great. My neice has to do chemo again in Nov. she is doing good. My son is in Alaska now--it's very cold & is snowing it was 15 yesterday. He comes home next Friday(the 17). He had a good trip to Uganda just was very tiring. He said the thing that hurt him most was the children. He said they begged to come to America & we are so blessed compared to them.

    The weather here is beautiful it's warm of the day & cool at night. We had some rain(which makes me hurt so bad). But you can tell it's fall. The trees are turning colors now. My hubby is getting ready to dig potatoes. Sorry to go on & on but it's really good to hear from you. Oh almost forgot had to stop taking Lyrica it was making my left leg & foot swell & i could hardley walk. Hope your Mom is feeling better. And that she can get some help.

    Got to go for now cleaning house.

    Until next time~~~Blessings~~~~Shirley
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    Are you two using the new board? Soon the old one will be gone, so I hope you are OK with the new one.....
    I don't like that I can't access bios anymore or pics people send......they said they are working on it.

    I have been busy, with Mother and school and piano students. Mother is staying in her new apartment now and I'm planning a student recital there soon....on Oct. 18th. The twins will perform, although not on piano. One will sing and the other will do something on trumpet. It should be nice.

    Gotta go, will try to add on later.
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    Linda, just saw your post so good to hear you are ok. The weather here has beem nice. Today we are having rain & fog. It's 53 cold for me. I love the warmer weather. I cleaning house today trying to stay busy--son is in the air flying home today. My sister is great. Neice is doing good she goes back for chemo in Nov. she's out of town at her sons helping her daughter-in-law(who is having a new baby the 23). This is their second child a little boy--they have a little girl 2(Autum Grace). My neice is so happy this will make her 2 grandsons & the 1 grand-daughter. She thought she would never live to see her son & daughter graduate college. My sister-in-law goes Oct 30 to another eye Dr. She still can't see out of part of her eye. She's a bookeeper for her brothers business my husband also helps there & they have another bother that works there. The business employees about 13 people. They rebuild mining equipment for the area it's a good business.

    Hope you have a nice week-in with your family. My oldest & his finace came by Sun & Tue this week for a while. Hope your Mom start feeling better. The Lyrica helped my pain but my leg & foot would swell---made it hard to walk.

    Terri, hope you have a good week-in to. I know you are busy now that your MIL is living near. My son told me yesterday (Thur) he almost got fogged in on the ground in Fairbanks. He usually flies Alaska Airlines straight to Anchorage but this time had to fly Shared Airlines & they stop in Fairbanks. I would like for you & Linda to pray for him he's so tired & stressed since he went to Uganda. He just hasn't had much rest 6wks.

    Oh by the way i'm using the new board now. I'm getting a used to it now.

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    Shirley- I'd be glad to pray for your son.....too bad he can't say hi to my daughter when he stops in Fairbanks!
    Our weather has been so beautiful in the morning and evening but warm in the daytime. The leaves are gorgeous right now. Lots of scarlet and orange and yellow. We don't have a lot of leaves in our yard, so the boys want to walk in town where there are more trees. Guess we could work in a walk soon.

    Linda- have a nice dinner with your family. I cooked a turkey dinner tonight for my BIL and my MIL, but BIL couldn't stay- he had to catch the shuttle to the airport. He's headed back tonight....did I tell you that he lives in Taiwan? He brings some interesting stuff sometimes.

    Yes, tomorrow we have a little recital. One of my boys will sing Shenandoah, and the other will play Bach's Minuet in G on his trumpet. Should be nice....then all of my students have little pieces ready. It will be at Mother's apt. place- so she'll be able to just come down and hear it. Afterwards, the boys are going to keep her company while hubby and I do some shopping. It's nice to have her around.

    My daughter just pulled in, so I'm signing off.
    Take care,
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    Terri, hope your recital went well---i'm sure it did. Todays my grandsons birthday he's 13(i think that means he's becomming a teenager Bo Ho). We are going to celebrate Sat the 25. Grand-daughters is Nov 4 so we will celebrate both at the same time while their Dads's home. He wanted a new fender electric guitar(he already has one but not a really good one--then he has just a regular guitar). So of course being the Nan i just ordered him a really nice one since he plays in church. It's for his Birthday & Christmas. My grand-daughter is taking paino. I bought her a new keyboard so i guess next if she does good will be a new piano--later--for her. I have her birthday & Christmas gifts already bought to. I don't have a MIL now or Mom. My Mom was 93 when she passed & MIL was 86. Thanks for praying for my son he's really tired. We had Pastor appreciation Sunday at our church we had dinner after church. All the ladies pitch in & do the cooking.

    The leaves are beautiful here to it's frosting here our lowest temps has been 30 & highs in the 40s & 50s. By the last of Oct all the leaves are usuall off. I only have to look out my doors to see all the trees & mts.

    Linds, i hope things are going good for you. I'm it's probably getting cool there. I still have 6 basket flowers blooming. I put them in our outside building so the frost couldn't kill them. I learned to use the new board now i thing they have closed the other one down. I just have a hard time sometimes with change. I'm really glad for the board it gives me an outlet & has some good information.

    Do you take Flu shots? I do i took one yesterday. The Veterens makes my hubby take one every yr to.

    Time for hubby to come home i working on supper.

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    Linda, saw your bump. Been busy the last few days. Spent Sat with my grand-children doing a Birthday Party for them. My grand-son was 13 Oct 21 & grand-daughter will be 10 Nov 4. Of course plenty of gifts. How's you Mom doing? I hope she is doing better.

    WELL IT HAS ARRIVED(the snow) we had an inch last night. It's been very cold for a wk now. We still have a lot of leaves on the trees yet. The cold really hits me hard. I have to go back to my rhumey Friday. I wish i couled find something to help the pain. I would have keep taking the Lyrica if my left leg haden't swollen. It's still doing it some so i'm not sure what it is.

    I've been doing my Christmas shopping. I have a lot of Birthdays in Oct & Dec.

    Terri, i hope all is well. I saw in Fairbanks----lots of snow. How is your daughter & family doing? I bet the baby is growing. Is your grand-daughter still going to school?

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    Thought i would say hello & see how things are going. I'm staying busy. Brother is here with me is moving back to the area from N.C..

    Terri, i look at the snow in Fairbanks & i just say oh my. Son is in flight now to Seattle on way back. We've spent the last Sat & Sunday this wk in Ky celebrating birthdays.

    Linda, hows the weather in Az. It was 66 here today we've had some beautiful weather this wk. The next few days are looking real nice.

    How all is well with your famlies.

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    We are all fine here....just really busy. I have another recital today, so it will be crazy.

    I am glad your snow didn't stick around, Shirley. I'm not ready for snow yet! They do have 6 inches or more of snow on the ground up in AK and I'm not jealous. This time of year was always treacherous driving up there....lots of fender benders.

    Daughter and her family are doing well. The baby is 20 pounds now and demands (and gets) a lot of attention. I think she is teething.....she is close to 6 months old, and that's when my kids started showing their first tooth.

    Hubby and I are struggling to lose weight.....I've lost about 10 and I think he has too. But it is a lifelong commitment! I rarely bake now, which I miss. But we have lots of apples, so we're eating those.

    Car problems galore. Both of my older kids' cars went down so we are debating if we should fix them or get something different. We can't buy it for them- they'll have to do that themselves. But they are both in their 20's.

    Linda- how are your flowers doing?


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    Thought i would check in.

    Terri, how did your recital go? How is your MIL doing living there now? Have you had any snow yet? It's cold here now & we are getting a little rain now we are very dry because there has been no rain for a while. I look at the web cam in Fairbanks & think oh my how cold & snowy it is. I don't think i could live in Alaska because of the darkness & cold. I've lived in Va all my life but i dread winter. Haven't asked lately how is your Mom & Dad doing. Good i hope. Did your kids get their cars fixed? Seems like everything happens at the wrong time. Wish i didn't have to cook so much--my hubby is a country boy & likes home cooking. He's so lucky he doesn't gain much weight(lucky man). Don't know what we will do for Thangiving my son will start home from Alaska on that day.

    Linda, this is the time of the yr i would love to be in Az. Did you get your flowers? I still had flowers until a couple wks ago and the frost finally got them. I have one small rose bush that has 4 roses until now the weather finally took it's toll. I didn't have anyone Halloween, the churches here always do something for the kids. How's your son & GF doing? Is your Mom doing better? I went last Friday to see my Rhumy he gave me a couple of shots in my knee & one in my big toe. I know it sounds bad but they really help. He sait he didn't thing the Lyrica was what caused the swelling in my left foot & leg. He said it was up to me if i wanted to take it or not. He said he hadn't had much success with it. I also went to my regular M.D. Monday & had my regular bood work done. Everything checked good this time. How is your Mom doing now?

    How much is gas in your states now?

    Until later~~~~Shirley