To Terri & Linda

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    Thought i would start a new post.

    Seems like the board has changed again & i'm having a hard time finding my posts.

    BUR it sure is cold here it was 11 yesterday morning. Today 4 inches of snow & it's 10 now. This is not normal here for us.

    Girls give me a hello. Let me know how things are going with you.

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    I got back a few days ago from visiting my folks. My dad was in the hospital, because he had a bad fall and fractured his hip bone. His diabetes is ravaging his system, so he looked terrible. My mom is having her problems too- she has dementia and it's a worry for her to be home alone now for maybe a month or two. I was glad I went, but they need more help than I can give them. I'm looking into assisted living now- I think it's time.

    We are having nice fall weather here.....such a change from Thanksgiving in AK! We were used to -40 degrees by Thanksgiving Day!

    I hope you both have a lovely, memorable Thanksgiving.
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    I hope you both had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Ours was nice and pretty quiet.....there were 9 of us in all. My son's gf came from Canada, Grandma and a friend came for the feast. Hubby said it was the best gravy I'd ever made! It disappeared quickly, too, so I guess it was good.

    My dad is doing much better, thank you. He actually got to go home yesterday after just 11 days in the rehab center. It seemed more of a nursing home to me when I was there, but it just helped him to be very motivated to get out. A lot of poor people with full blown Alzheimers. My mom said "That's what I'll be like, someday." A sad thought.

    My son has to take his gf halfway home today, then her dad picks her up and takes her the rest of the way. She is 18 and doesn't have her driver's license yet. They had a wonderful time together and are very much alike in personality. I think they have a future together.

    Blackberry pie sounds good, Linda! My hubby also loves any kind of berry pie, but I haven't made one in quite awhile.....trying to be good on a diet is hard at Thanksgiving time! But I have lost 10 pounds and hope to keep going on through the holiday season.

    I did most of my shopping yesterday.....I was saddened by the stampeding at the Long Island Walmart. Awful- to go to work at a Walmart and not make it through the day. My heart goes out to his family.

    Take care, ladies, and write when you can.
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    I've just now had a little time to myself.

    Terri, glad your Dad is doing better. It's hard when you can't be around for them. My hubby Dad is almost 89 now & most of the time he can't remember what he's doing--but is in great health right now. How is everyone in Alaska? My son got home yesterday he said so far -35 was the coldest. I'm happy for your son to have a gf. I guess it's cold in Canada. My son was there for 6wks a couple of yrs ago & said he would never go back up there to work again. He really likes Alaska compared to Canada.

    Terri, how your weather holding up? We was blessed with 40s for Thanksgiving. We went to our oldest son & his financee house. She cooked most of the dinner & i took some of the vegs. We had 10 there. My daughter-in-law & grandkids came home. MY son was in the air comming home. He didn't get to make it in time. We are going to have Christmas early this time i guess--he goes back the 17th of Dec.

    My grand-daughter stayed with me Thur & Fri night. We went out yesterday afternoon to W. Va. to the mall & picked up a few new cloths while her mom & brother went to the airport to get her dad. I took her half way today to met her mom to go back home. My grand-son doesn't stay anymore unless his mom & dad are here to--oh he's growing up--they used to stay with us all the time.

    Oh, my niece is taking chemo again for 4wks. I'm going with her this wk--for her 2nd. My sister is doing really good went to her grand-daughter for Thanksgiving dinner & got to she her great grandson for the first time he's 4wks now. She has one 2, 18mo & 4wks. These are the grand-children of my neice that takes the chemo.

    Better close so as not to bore you. By the way i have a hard time on this board sometimes to.


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    Just wanted to say Merry Christmas to both of you.

    We had Christmas for our boys & family yesterday(Sat). My son has to go back to Alaska Wed so we did things a little early so we could all be together. I cooked dinner for all of us.

    Hope all is well with both of you. Give me a hello when possible.

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    Sorry I haven't been on here much's a busy time!

    I would love to see our little Alaska family this Christmas, but they won't make it down. We did get to go up there last June, so that will be it for awhile. They may come down in January, however. I'm hoping!

    I just got through a big week of this week my students have a recital on Friday. I'm having it at Mother's retirement home, which has a pretty nice piano. It's also easy for her to get to the recital! She is adjusting well to her new environment.

    My folks moved this past weekend......on Friday my brother and sister went down to move some basic stuff (and them) up to Iowa City, where my brother lives. They are in an assisted care facility, which is a relief to me. They both are needing help- Dad with his diabetes and Mom with dementia. It's sad to see my Mom give up reading- she can't make sense of the letters anymore. Also she is having trouble with numbers....things need to be simple. My brother will have a job ahead of them, getting them with doctors soon.
    They got to keep one dog (they had two), so that will be nice.

    I hope your mother is doing better, Linda. Last I heard, she was having trouble with edema in her feet and ankles. Does she have to change her diet?

    Shirley- what did you fix for your big family meal last weekend?

    Well, I've got a lot to do between now and Christmas.......
    Take care, friends,
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    for Shirley and Linda
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    I guess the third time is a charm so i'll try.

    This is the third try to send a hello. I did two times before now & they didn't get thru. I hope both of your family's had a good Christmas. And were blessed. Today makes my third one. My grandkids came back in today & we celebrated at my daughter-in-laws Moms. We did it at our house of course before my son went back to Alaska. Then again Christmas my brother & his son & their gfs came in.

    Linda, hows the weather i saw where some spots of Az got snow. It's been in the 60s here today after being so cold already. I guess your son & gf & Mom came for Christmas. Hope you had a good time. Thanks for the Birthday Wish this is #65 for i used to think that is old but now that i have reached it i feel blessed.

    Terri, hope your family also had a good Christmas. I know a part was missing. Maybe you will get to see them soon. I talked to my son Christmas he was out on a job & it was -11--for there i know that is warm. Hope your Mom & Dad had a good Christmas. I know your brother will look out for them. Did all your children get to be home?

    Well ladies Merry Christmas(late) & Happy New Year from my house to yours.

    Got to hit the hay so i can get up for church tomorrow.

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    Hey Girls,

    Hope all is well. Hello from Va for the first day of 2009. I have one eye open & the other half shut. We had a New Years Eve Service at our church(wonderful) we go to bed about 1:30. We have into another building because our building was to small. This one is only about 5mins from my house. Cold here today about 15 this morning. Just wanted to say HAPPY NEW YEAR. And I pray this will be a good one.


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    Thanks for the New Year's wishes.....same to you both!
    We are staying warm enough, especially when compared to our daughter up in AK. They are having temps of -50 lately......they still had the Fairbanks fireworks display last night even though the temps were at the -50 mark. They said they would only cancel if the ice fog got really bad.....Linda, you don't know what that is. Ice fog comes out when it's colder than-30 and it can get really hard to see to drive. It's caused by a weather inversion, so all the cold air stays in and holds in emissions and chimney smoke. Bad air quality, for sure!

    We had a lovely prime rib today.....remember our steer, Chuck? Well, he was present at the dinner and it was very good. We had just Grandma over for company and she always compliments on the cooking. She is easy to please!

    Happy New Year's to both of you and I pray that 2009 will be a good year with better health for all.......
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    Hello Ladies from coooollllldddd Va.

    Terri, i know we are not as cold as Alaska but Va is cold for me this winter. We were below 0 a couple of nights & in the teens for highs. when i was little i didn't mind so much but being & old granny now it seems really cold to me. My son has been home a wk now. I told him he brings the colder air with him. He said for 2 of the wks he was there it was extremly cold. How are your grand-children & family doing? I always look at the weather in Prudhoe Bay & Fairbanks. In Fairbanks it's 24 & here in Va it's 29 snowing & we had ice this morning & freezing rain. We didn't get to go to church. I guess in you are very cold now to. Are your Mom & Dad doing good in their asst. living?

    Linda, how's the weather in Az? I guess you are warmer than we are. How is your Mom doing? My kids are all good. I'm learning to text message to my grandkids. They get bored with calling & e-mails sometimes so i'm texting now. My sister & neice are doing great now.

    Hope All Is Well

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    Shirley- sorry I haven't written in awhile....things do get crazy around here. My folks are doing pretty well in their new abode, but I was worried about my Mom. She has been severely constipated since arriving there and saw a doctor for the first time this week. He found out she had lost her blood pressure med and hasn't taken it for a month! That plus the constipation- I thought maybe she should go to a hospital. But he said her abdomen felt OK, so she is to try the meds again (this has been an ongoing problem for her). Hopefully she is getting some relief.

    Linda- I hope your Mom is doing better as well....we worry about our Moms! Anytime I hear someone is visiting in AZ, I always think of you. Are you sure you'd like to move back to Ohio where you'd have a lot more cold in the winters? Do you still have family there?

    Our daughter in AK is glad for slightly warmer temps.....I think I told you about their extended cold spell. They were colder than -50 for awhile......brrrr! The thing about Alaska, is that things don't really shut down when it's that cold.....they keep having school, work, business, etc. People just make sure they have emergency stuff in their cars and that their cars are in good working order! I remember breaking down once when it was -40, but right away someone stopped and helped me. They look out for each other there.

    Sorry I've rambled....I hope you both have a good weekend.
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    for Shirley and Linda
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    Haven't been doing much these days. Went to church Sunday & went & took B-12 shot today. We are supposed to get ice & snow storm tonight (Mon) thru Wed my son has to go back Wed. Grandson has a cold they are out of school because of snow. I'll be glad to see spring this winter has been really cold here. I bet you have to.

    How's your children all doing? Fine i hope. My hubby just had a colonosopy Thur morning his only problem he just had to not eat for a couple of days. Liquid diet is not good to a country boy. My husband only weight 152lbs(lucky). My FM is not good this time of the yr. I hope Alaska if warmer when my son goes back. I understand it's been colder this yr. As i get older i dread the winter. I know it's had with your Mom & Dad. My sister is doing good she's going to be measured in Feb for a built up shoes. She's 4ins short in that leg. She's going to be 80 in March. She has a lady that comes in twice a wk & a nurse twice a wk.

    Well i'll stop going on & on. Stay warm.

    Haven't saw anything from Linda lately. Hope all is well with her.

    Untill later Blessings~~~~Shirley