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    Hi, I thought I would start a new thread--it's hard to go back and find the old one and it takes my computer forever to bring it all up.
    Girls, I thought my rib pain was getting better. The days were getting warm again--I think that's the secret for me. Well, this weekend we had another cold snap--now, don't laugh it's about 50 and I'm freezing. My rib cage is now really sore again. Do you all get it where the diaphram bones hurt too. Sometimes I think it's my stomach but it's the bone itself. Pulminologist wasn't too much help---says it's somewhat a soft tissue disorder (although I feel like the bones are hurting).
    My post nasal drip is going crazy too and it makes me have a queasy stomach and I'm dizzy cause my ears feel stuffed. As it gets closer to Christmas I'm a mess. Have to make a trip further north in Florida to my son's college graduation this Friday and I'm dreading the trip. Have to take a drive (6hours) when I feel out of sort. How are you both doing? Rib pain still there? You both live where it is cold--I wouldn't survive. On the other hand, our weather is crazy here--hot-cold-hot. This isn't healthy. Well, thought I would say hi. As I'm sitting here, don't know where to put the heating pad first. Love to hear from you.
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    Hi how are you doing??sorry to hear that your rib pain has come back I had a couple of days where it wasnt so bad but its back again with a vengeance Yes i do get the diaphram pain along the bones at the bottom of my ribs sometimes they feel swollen and are very tender almost spongy??do yours feel like that I read about chostochrondritis and tietzes syndrome and I think its all down to those symptoms.
    i have a bad cold at the moment so I too have chronic sinus infection and post nasal drip..its making my throat sore and my head...... .well i've been so fluffy headed almost like im drunk its been horrible!!!!!!!!!!all dizzy without actually being dizzy does that make sense to you???Imalso having alot of neck and shoulder and arm pain .the weather has been very cold and damp and I think that affects things!!ive beejn on the sofa today with my hot water bottle LOL me too i dont know whereto put it first either....its amazing that we suffer somuch alike.
    Are you ready for Xmas yet??Thank fully i've got all mine done and dusted.I dont think I could cope with the shopsat the moment!!
    Are you driving up to Florida by yourself??or is someone else doing the driving??Maike sure you rest up before you go and try not to stay in one position toolong so you get all stiff sweetie.
    Well hope to hear fromyou soon take care Morgana
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    So sorry, I missed your post. If I'm gone from this board just half a day, the posts get lost a few pages back. Seems like we are both in the same boat (so to speak), my rib pain came back in the diaphram--took some advil yesterday and it helped, although the advil will upset my stomach if I take too much. I actually have the children's pills at home. And yes, my sinus pressure is horrible, post nasal drip and all. It also makes me dizzy. I don't know what to treat first. I have sudafed for the sinus and then Bonine for the dizziness. It's driving me nuts. Although this time I have facial pain and this nasal drainage is really stinky. Maybe I have an infection this time. Doctor says to take some Ceclor (pennicillin type antibiotic). Oh dear me, what should I do? Hate the antibiotics because I think I have taken too many, but with this trip and all I might have to take it this time. If I could stay home, I would fight it out.
    No, I'm not driving upstate. My husband is taking me, and my adult kids, my daughter is 28 and son is 30. They are all going up to see their little brother graduate.
    It's cold upstate in the 40's. Kind of cold for Florida. Our cold weather is very damp--maybe like London.
    I'm ready for Xmas, shopping done. I will be happy after this weekend trip---I hate to travel, especially with this FM. Got my heating pad packed and some of those Thermacare disposible heating wraps for the car.
    Sure hope you start feeling better before the holidays.
    Are your girls young? It's fun when the kids are little--you know Santa and all that. My hubby and I can't wait till we have grandchildren. My oldest son is getting married this coming February. I'm 50, somedays I feel older but I'm supposed to be in the prime of my life. I don't think this is the case when we have this DD.
    Thanks for writing. Hope Tes is OK. Let's keep in touch--I only started a new thread because the other one was taking so long to bring up.