To the many on here with "dry" eyes, mouth....

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    I have Sjordens Syndrome. I blew it off half of my life until it was mentioned on this board in the fast. I jumped up and checked the Web on a few site, and ran to the oral surgeon to find out if I could have this!

    Answer after the surgery was YES; he filled me in about the eyes...for years I have been on a cornea replacement (dry eyes don't like "red" and entertainers ofter have to tolerate colors you would not believe). When my dry eye has in high gear I had to also place a line of slime on my lower eye lid. I think it has gone away since I have given up playing for I guess five years or so.

    My regular dentist told me that pediatric dentists can spot this in children; they often have "tulip" teeth and those crevaces make for dental carries.

    Sjordens can attack any gland in our body system, even our brain. Love CactusLil' "mitigate your losses"
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    As you probably know, it's not just dry eyes, dry mouth. Years ago, I was diagnosed by lip biopsy for SS and recently I posted a question about Sjogren's and abnormal chest x-ray findings as my report read "the lungs are emphysematous." Methacholine challenge test was positive for obstructive airway disease. These tests were done because I have had chest pain and shortness of breath. Cardiac ruled out. Wednesday, I see a pulmonologist.

    Sjogren's can affect kidneys, lungs, blood vessels - Raynaud's, muscle, nerve, thyroid.

    Wish me luck! Fondly, June
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    Have you had other problems from Sjogren's, who is following you for this? June