To the (past and present) government civil service employees?

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    I've been reading the recent thread and will do a search engine on the archived one mentioned, but for now, group, please help.

    My ex, who suddenly stopped paying child support and I thought could be dead, has applied for SSD and food stamps!! He is 57 and has 23 years on the job. Why is he only applying for SSD at this time? Why not disability retirement via CSRS or FERS? What's in it for him to get that over retiring <I know that I might be able to find the answer to that if i can find the archived thread>.

    Anyway, it turns out that he's been on leave since May, which means my child support was being paid out of his paid leave time.

    He's had many car accidents over the past decade. I wonder if he has Fibromyalgia. Either way, the jerk (and I'm being nice) could've called or sent a letter telling me that he might not be sending support for the rest of the year.

    Anyway, the original question is, what stunt is ex trying to pull?
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    someone please give me your thoughts.
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    This is my understanding of the difference between CSRS and FERS. I was hired under CSRS, but switched to FERS when I was about 23 - not expecting to be retired on disability after about 10 years of service.

    If your ex is covered under FERS, then SS is his only option, unless he's been contributing to his Thrift Savings Plan. FERS employees pay into SS just like any other employed person, but the "Thrift Savings Plan" is the civil service version of a 401(k) plan.

    He can withdraw that money WITH NO PENALTY if he is fully disabled! He'll still have to pay taxes on it, but the penalty is waived if you are disabled.

    CSRS is the old system, and it's more like a traditional "pension plan" where you have a guaranteed income for life based on what you were earning for the five years prior to retirement and how many years of service you have. People under CSRS don't pay into SS, so they aren't eligible for SS retirement, except under certain (limited) conditions.

    People under CSRS can contribute to the TSP, but I don't know how well their contributions are "matched". Under FERS it's pretty well.

    I don't think that withdrawing TSP contributions is mandatory if you retire on disability.

    I'm not an expert, but I have dealt with both systems, Federal workers' comp, SS, and I withdrew my TSP account a few years ago because I wasn't able to contribute to it since my w/c income is exempt from taxes and it was just sitting there not "compounding".

    I'll try to be more specific if you have more details. I have good contacts in this area.

    Good luck!

    - julie (is free!)

    I'm from the government and I'm here to help you!

    - Various
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    Sorry I can't help more, but I did bump the older thread for you.

    Nancy B.

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