To the patients who have had Dr. Katz in Chicago

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    Hi. I just joined this messageboard maybe about 10 minutes ago. I was diagnosed with Lupus two months ago. And I believe that I have FM. I do not feel the doctor I have right now, is the doctor for me.

    I hear a lot about Dr. Katz in Chicago and was wondering if people can tell me about him. Is he hard to get appointments with? I feel that what I have read on the internet about Dr. Katz is that he is more focused on patients with Lupus and cares for them.

    (DISCLAIMER: the whining part)

    The rheumatoligist I have right now... I don't know, I just get bad vibes... I haven't even really been "diagnosed" with fibromyalgia, but I've been reading on it for the past month--and I have all the symptoms--I've told this all to my doc, but he hasn't even mentioned the word fibromyalgia & he just gave me some bextra for the pains i have been getting. the answer (of just taking bextra one time a day) seems too easy for me when most of the time i am unable to walk...

    and pretty much, when i was "diagnosed with lupus" it was me asking him if i had it, and him saying "if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's a duck..."

    Plus, he is only available in his chicago office on fridays and i have no way to get a hold of him, except for his friday office information.

    My name is Angel.
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