To those concerned about being on the www . . .

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by bakron, Jul 9, 2003.

  1. bakron

    bakron New Member

    <b>You are able to delete your posts . . </b>

    Just sign-in, go to your "handle" name, view the posts that you don't want up (clicking on the posts showing up under your name will get you directly to your post), and hit "delete."

  2. bakron

    bakron New Member

    . . After you open up your handle through "search message, you will then need to open up your posts by clicking on the post. You will then see "edit" and "delete" in red. Click on "delete" to delete the post.

    I hope this helps, let me know how it goes.
  3. teach6

    teach6 New Member

    For someone to read the info found on the www through a search they would first have to log on to the board and then search through all your posts to find the one they wanted. That would be a whole lot of effort for what gain?

    I'm just not worried about it. I guess if I used my name for my board name I might be more concerned. Besides when I looked up my board name I found a bunch of stuff about teaching and only a couple of things from this board.

  4. zggygirl

    zggygirl New Member

    I am not really worried about it right now. But I can't help but wonder 5 years from now if I might not like the idea of my personal stuff being out there still. Do I will probably keep deleting posts, though try and leave as many as possible that might be helpful to someone else.
    Just my thoughts,
  5. IntuneJune

    IntuneJune New Member

    Hi Barb,

    That is what most of us thought, but recently, we found that our individual posts do come up if you use a www search engine with your board sign-in name. It was quite a surprise when I tried it. June
  6. elaine_p

    elaine_p New Member

    you need to be logged in.

    Then, you can either type your login name in the Search Messages window OR you can "view profile". Click on the desired message. It will then display, along with and edit/delete option.
  7. SheriAL

    SheriAL New Member

    I found all my posts, opened up one and clicked delete, it still remains. None of them delete...
    AT times it will take me back to the newest page of the bulletin board posts...that is so aggravating..I leave my messages posted on line for about a month..then I would like to delete them..
    What do I do now? THanks SHeri
  8. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Just don't post anything you would not want made public. My life is an open book, mainly because my existence is so boring :)

    Love, Mikie
  9. bakron

    bakron New Member

    If posts that you have placed aren't deleting after you hit "delete," it may be that the pages you view aren't being "refresed" enough through settings on your browser.

    Try clicking on the "refresh" button at the top of your browser to refresh or update the web page you are viewing after your post or to see if content is changed or new.

    That should take care of the problem you are describing.
  10. Dara

    Dara New Member

    about being on the www? Are you saying that if we look up our "handle", as in Dara, that it's actually posted on the web? I'm going to assume you do not mean our e-mail sign in name, right?

  11. bakron

    bakron New Member

    There were some people who wanted to "delete" their posts after they placed them because on a "search enginne," such posts may be "pulled up" and others may read them.

    Now, when people come to this Board they have to "join" to be able to read posts. That has resolved some of the concern. However, there were still people who felt they would like to "delete" their posts after a time.

    What I was attempting to do with my first post was to help those people who wanted to delete their posts.

    On this Support group, you can do a search for a handle / name (like mine is "bakron")and have posts pop up. Again, to do this, you would have to be a member. <b>You cannot do a search for an e-mail.</b>

    It has been recommended over and over to <b>not post your e-mail address in a post</b>, or to remove it immediately after you receive a response that you may have requested. Although you have to be a member to be able to post or read posts, that doesn't keep some who would like to get e-mails for "spam" purposes from becoming members. There is and will always be that particular problem, at least until the Internet and web community advance to more protected means of communication, etc.

    The hosts of this Support group have also mentioned repeatedly that people should not post anything that they don't feel absolutely comfortable with. When I post, I try to follow that direction, and I never put in my e-mail.

    Hopefully, this answers your question. (Sorry for such a long post!)