To those facing surgery while on long acting narcotics (Opana ER)

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    I'd just like to write about my experience so this doesn't happen to anyone else. I had kyphoplasty at the #1 hospital for back and spine surgery in Illinois yesterday.

    Kyphoplasty is a procedure where they poke a hole in your fractured vertebrae with a rod containing a balloon on the end. They blow up the balloon and create a cavity in your vertebrae. Then they pump the cavity full of bone cement. In essence, they glue you back together.

    I have 6 spinal compression fractures due to osteoporosis caused by pituitary insufficiency and probably a result of a untreated Lyme infection.

    My internal med doc has me on 40 mg of Opana ER 3X per day with Vicodin for BTP. Opana is a newer med -- it's supposed to be a ramped up version Oxycontin -- or a lot stronger.

    In the recovery room, they kept giving me Fentynal which didn't do anything for me. Because of severe pain, I kept thrashing about and crying while I was still under the anesthesia.

    I told them they'd have to go up to Dilaudid because Fentynal didn't do much for me when used during the past 13 surgeries that I've had. I'm allergic to sulfa which is chemically close to morphine, HCTZ (diuretics) and OxyContin. I've had allergic reactions to all of these meds in the past.

    The recovery room nurses were very patient and did get the doc to order Dilaudid. Just when I got comfortable for 1/2 hour the surgeon came to see me. At that point I was fairly calm but was sitting on a bedpan. URGH! I couldn't think of anything that I wanted to say while on a bedpan.

    I was scheduled as first case at 7:30 AM, the surgery was delayed until 11 AM. I had an allergic reaction when the anesthesia was administered.

    Then another reaction to the Betadine they used to sterilize my back. I'm sensitive to sulfa and sulfites both. Some of the meds they used have sulfites in them as a preservative. They didn't think to check them all for sulfites before they injected the meds. DUH!

    My Epi-pens also have the sulfite I'm most allergic to inside. Another one of the many Catch-22's of this illness. Knowingly having to inject myself with something that I'm allergic to to prevent death that might be caused because I'm allergic to something else?

    Then the X-Ray machine they use in this OR was broken. They didn't wheel me into the recovery room until nearly 2 pm. This means I was under anesthesia for a lot longer than they intended.

    The post surgical pain management was very poor. I was sent up to my room around 4 PM. My surgeon told me I could go home that same day if I wished but he preferred that I stay over night because they wanted to do labs and a CT scan.

    The recovery room nurses called the nurse assigned to my hospital room to let them know about the pain management situation. The nurse thought he could get a PCA pump brought up with Dilaudid in it. If they had done this I would have spent the night.

    Unfortunately, all the doctor had ordered was 5 mg Norco so that's all the nurse could give me. My nurse was apologizing left and right. He even called my surgeon to tell them what a poor job they were doing with pain management on my case.

    No Opana ER could be given to me because it's not on the hospital's formulary meaning that in order for them to stock it they'd have to drop another med. Since not very many people are on Opana they don't want to do this.

    One of the docs even told me that if I were to return to this hospital for any procedures that I should bring the Opana ER with me. I opted to leave the hospital because I have better pain meds at home.
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    I am just shaking my head at what you've been through. What a mickey mouse treatment you recieved! I hope you're ok today, I don't think your surgeon gives a hoot that's for sure.

    Sending hugs your way for a speedy recovery.. AT HOME!
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    Iam so sorry that you had to go through this!

    But I do thank you for sharing with us......I was considering having a surgical procedure done a little over a year ago and was told that I would have to make prior arrangements for my pain control ( management ) since I was on long term pain meds for my pain!

    So...this really is a very important post for anyone who is going to be having surgery!!!!!!!!!!!!

    "Oh...just one more little tidbit to add...I was recently in the hospital from a fm flare...and while I was there they were giving me something and the nurse kept yelling at me that I was taking way too much pain medications ....he was humilating and belittling me! time I go to the hospital Iam going to #1. take my patients book of rights as a pain patient! ( by Dr Forest Tennant you can read and print it on line ) and #2 have my Dr's phone number so that if they do start in on me they can call and take it up with my Dr who by the way has a "PH" degree!

    I didn't mean to hijack your post here :) what you are saying is probably more important that most of us realize because sometimes we have to go to the hospital in an emergency that "just happens"!!!

    Thanks again for posting this:)


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