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    I was interviewed Mon at my home where I had collected all the art for the Damon and Stella Foundation for Mental Health.

    It will air Thur at 5:30, it was a crazy day and by the time they got here I was having a hard time thinking so I hope I don't come off as an blathering idiot.

    I have been asked to be a member of the Board of Directors and will be the Art Coordinator/Procurer for my area and the entire US.

    My job is to get artists to donate orginal art work or sell it at our on-line gift shop that we are setting up.

    It started out with me being asked to donate one piece and I decided I wanted to do more and get my art club and other to donate. I got 35 pieces worth $8000 in 3 weeks.

    They are so pleased they ask me be to be a permemant member. So please watch if you can. Our mission is to raise awarness for Mental Illness, Depression and Suicide by producing Public Service Announcements.

    Randy Travis is our national spokesperson and has filmed 3 PSA's, Billy Bob Thorton will film his in Jan. This has been a great experience for me and I have met dozens of people that have been so kind and generous. They all had a story and were glad to see someone doing this work.

    This is why I have been scarce lately. It was a lot of work to organize, inventory, take pics, ect. But the look on Mr P's face when he walked in that room with all the art hung was worth every minute. Mr P is Phillip Ivey, his son Damon committed suicide Jan 4,2006. His friend Dario, lost his wife to suicide on Jan 2, 2006.

    So they created this non-profit foundation to get society to talk about suicide prevention, provide education in the arts, change laws and the way Mental Illness is treated in todays world. Take the shame and stigma away.

    Depression is the second leading cause of disabilty. But the research and funding do not support that. Ok I'll get off my soap box, I have found my purpose and my passion and I am sharing it with all of you.

    There have been many times when I wished and hoped I would die. Was housebound, no job, no insurance, taking care of a abusive parent. Somehow, I got threw it and have come out into my light. There is always hope-you just have to have faith. Carla
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    Carla - Linda said it for all of us, I'm sure! We are so proud of you! And it gives me hope that I will get back out there being productive and useful!

    I wonder if the TV station will have the interview on their web page??

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    The story was done very well and the people in Knoxville watched it online and were very pleased.

    I just got home from my Art Club Christmas party, we went to Ponderosa, we just ate dinner and played the gift game.

    You can go to the TV station web site and view it. I haven't tried yet but Mr P said he could.

    Thanks for posting, I appreciate the support. The only way to make people aware is to talk about it. I am determined to help them make this happen. Every day another door opens. I know sometimes people do tire of reading about how wonderful someone's life is, but it was never like this. You guys are my support group and I want to share my life as it is, good or bad. It just happens to be really great right now and I am going to go with it. Everyone is welcome to come along-Carla

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    I watched it on their web page! It was so interesting!

    Was the interview filmed in your house?

    Will the art be sold by auction? I love the print of the guitars that was shown.

    Keep up the great work!

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    nice to actually get to see you and hear your voice. I watched it online.

    Congratulations on finding something that is so meaningful to you and where you can share your talent.

    I hope your organization is able to secure many donations for such a worthwhile cause.