To those that are alone this holiday season

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by ckball, Dec 24, 2007.

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    I know there are some of us who are not able to spend the holidays with our families or we don't have anyone left to share these next few days with.

    Even tho my life lately has had some icrediable things come into it, I am still alone at Christmas. I will visit my mom at the nursing home then come home alone.

    I was suppose to go to PA to spend it with my daughter and two GK's but it just wasn't possible due to many road blocks. Issues with my dogs, car doing some strange things with warning lights coming on and off. Plus I am really tired from my last month and didn't want to push myself into a flare. So I chose to stay home.

    I know many don't have a choice, life is what it is. I want all of you to know you are not really alone, there are many of us out here that won't walk into a house full of people, presents and food.

    We will get threw these days and our lives will go on. Just make the best of it what you can and reach out to others that aren't as lucky as we are.

    Those that have no home, no job, living in boxes in the cold, being mentally ill but locked in a cold jail cell stripped of everything including their dignity.

    We do have a roof, food, a computer and this board of wonderfully supportive people who really understand what it is like to be ill.

    I salute all of you and thank you for your kind and supportive words that you share with us. I hope those with families have a wonderful time and cherish every moment with them and have the energy to do so. Merry Christmas-Carla

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    I was going around today in my home trying to pull it all together. Just kept pushing and low and behold. I'm nearing my goal.

    I though of the little childs poem

    God is great
    God is good
    Let us thank him
    for this food
    For by his hands we are fed
    Thank you Lord for daily bread.

    Such a small poem but so large in other ways.

    I am thankful,I am grateful.Much more so than in years past.I am humbled.

    Tomorrow I will have 20 plus people in my home. There will be lots of laughter and silliness . blessings for the past year and ask Gods guidance in the coming year.

    Next year I may be eating alone.

    I do have a home, food, clothes to keep me warm. Family and friends who will be around me.

    I treasure those moments as we never know when it could all end.

    many would love to have any one of those things.

    I'm sorry you will be alone for CHristmas . If you were nearer you could eat with me.

    God always sends me somebody extra I wasn't expecting and thats ok by me.

    I thought this year I may not be able to get it done but I'm almost there, I give God credit for that)

    Wishing you all a very Merry Cristmas,more joy,less pain and lots of healing laughter and most of all peace.

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    Merry Christmas to you. I am thinking of you today and wish for you hapiness and the best day possible.

  4. ckball

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    Thank you all and I hope your day is full of warmth, health and happiness-Carla