To those that saw the MOTH I have a question. UPDATE

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    Sorry I haven't replied back about the moth but the last 2 days have been exhausting.

    I saw a beutiful Robin Moth last month, then I see a wonderful Indian Moon moth. Never have seen either one my enitre life them I see 2 in a month.

    TOday my boss was doing an estate sale for a local Dr that had passed away. I went to see the types of books he had and there is a small book on Butteryflys and moths with the exact 2 months I had just seen. What are the odds of that. As Rock would say- is it a coininkidink?

    I think that is so strange and wondering what it means. I have also seen a lot of black and yellow butterflys right after my mother passed. Then saw one yesterday, greeted me when I went to the door at work then flew away.

    I have not been able to post as much as I have driven myself to exhaustion, but I like the results and will post a pic later on that. I built a rock bridge.

    I know there are myths about moths and butterflys and wanted your input. Thanks for looking and am glad you liked seeing the pic, I love nature and where I live I have lots of opportunties to see it. Carla
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    When I lose a close member of the family, I always see butterflies. For example, one landed on my Dad's tombstone shortly after he passed, and another landed on a bush outside the funeral home in the heart of Baltimore when my Uncle died. These are the big swallowtail butterflies. (Yellow and black)

    They circle around for awhile and finally fly off. I've never noticed anything about the moths, but it's always a treat to see them.

    Yes, sometimes I think there's a connection with the butterflies for me. God's creation is beautiful.

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    Hi- Thanks for sharing your story, my mom was the first death I have had to deal with in nearly 20 years. All my grandparents and father died when I was young.

    The day after she died, I went to my shed and when I opened it there was a black and yellow butterfly on the floor and was struggling to fly.

    I picked it up and held in my hand for a moment and looked to see if it was hurt then it flew away. I saw the same or same type of butterfly for several weeks, then they were gone until I saw the one at work the other day.

    The moths are so BIG and beautiful, the book I got yesterday, more like a large pamphlet about Worldwide Butterflies in Sherborne Eng said The Giant Atlas Moth that lives in SE Asia can be a foot wide wing span, the colors are gorgeous.

    Can you imagine an moth that large. There are many beautiful pics in the book. I would like to try to paint one sometime.

    Thanks again for responding, I just thought it was curious seeing these rare months and then find a book about them days later. I think everythiing happens for a reason, I just can't think what this "reason" is yet-maybe it is for me to paint, I haven't painted anything since Feb- Take care-Carla

    PS- here is a link to see it -
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    Thanks so much for the link. It's great. I've always wanted to see a real Atlas moth. Too bad we don't have some of those foreign butterflies and moths over here. They're just gorgeous!
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    That moth is beautiful!!!! What a lovely light sea green green would make such a beautiful ball gown - that exact shade! lol...I must be seeing too many Oscar Night pictures...

    I dont know of any myths as such about!....

    Myths about moths....:D

    But i remember where i grew up in India...when i was a small child....a really beautiful powder yellow moth with glittery silver spots and so elegantly shaped wings alighted in our family room and my dad said it was a good sign and then a few days later we got a new radio from a relative as a present....and dad said the moth indicated we were going to get somethng

    Anyways its not hard to believe moths have something to do with the mystical....they are so mysterious and ethereal....

    Do paint again, Carla, imagine having a gift to create beautiful things

    God Bless