to those who have done acupuncture

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  1. Shannonsparkles

    Shannonsparkles New Member

    After a few weeks or months of treatment, did you get the feeling that it wasn't doing much for you anymore?

    I've been going for about three months now, and got steady, modest improvement. The last couple of weeks, I start to feel like it's not dong much anymore. Is this as far as I can go with it for now? I wonder if it's still worth it to go?

    Appreciate any replies.
  2. lilbird

    lilbird New Member

    After going for a while I felt that it was not helping me much so I stopped going. I would talk to the acupuncturest (sp?)
  3. Shannonsparkles

    Shannonsparkles New Member

    I'll ask her next time I go. Maybe there's some way to 'rev up' my treatment - like those electrified needles they use sometimes! (Sorry fight4acure, I can feel you cringing.)

    I wouldn't say it hurts like getting blood drawn (which I also did today right before my acupuncture!) Some places hurt worse that that, and others I hardly feel. But the ones that hurt going in are almost always okay in a minute.
  4. jfrustrated

    jfrustrated New Member

    I've been going to an acupuncturist weekly for just over a year now and I find that she still helps. She is very good.

    However, what I have noticed is that the treatment is not the same ie., the needles do not go in the same places each time.

    She says that she modifies the treatment depending on my tongue appearance, pulse, kidney pulse (I did not know there was such a thing) and the symptoms that I've had in the last week.

    She reckons that the acu. she is giving me now is stronger than that I was able to tolerate at the beginning.

    Also, depending on my state of health, she uses either Chinese or Korean needles. I think that, like doctors, there are acupuncturists and there are acupuncturists. She also, sometimes, uses moxybustion.

    She talks in terms of using the acu. to gradually strengthen the overall system and therefore modifying it for each sessions. She has put needles in places I did not know existed.

    If the treatments you have had for the three months you have gone are always the same, this might be why the improvement has stopped - your body is ready for the next "level"????
  5. bpmwriter

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    i agree, there's typically another level you can go to with your treatment whether it's adding electrical stimulation or working a different set of meridians. with fibro patients, some acupuncturists concentrate solely on the meridians that releive aches and pains when it's really helpful to worok emotional release points as well (in the ears, top of the feet).

  6. caroleye

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    I've done too many to count; and changed practitioners many times. I found that I would definitely get good results, but then within a week or two, I'd have to go back.

    So, yes, if you can find a good one, I would go, and I'd also add their chinese herbs, which if you get the right ones, they're magical.

  7. Pianowoman

    Pianowoman New Member

    Acu. has definitely helped me. I do agree, though, that one needs to keep at it. It has helped me so much that I keep going, although less often now. It is quite practitioner dependent and my treatments were often different from one time to another. It helps to have someone who is very experienced and can make the adjustments depending on how you feel that day.

    Good Luck

  8. zerped

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    I agree that the acupuncture I've had has been good for individual pains or situations. After about 2 or 3 sessions I ceased to notice any real difference from it. I imagine it helps FM more than ME/CFIDS. It seemed to help fight fatigue, but that was the only change I noticed.

    I am a big believer, however. An old friend who is an acupuncturist did something when I was badly congested with a cold, and my body was rid of any/all gunk in minutes. WAY better than any decongestant I've tried.
  9. tansy

    tansy New Member

    with some health issues, especially the ones less directly related to ME/CFS and borreliosis/lyme. My acupuncturist learned early on in my illness not that strong Tx because could trigger problems.

    I began to get the usual low light sleepies, a problem that only started a few years ago, and which appears to respond well. Acupuncture worked well in 2003 when it first happened but not in 2004 when I was herxing from die off. This time it has stopped the sleepies but the Tx appears to have been too strong again; however, this time it has not caused a crash yet. :) I am stronger now and have made progress so I guess I am better able to tolerate the consequences of overtreatment.

    After phoning my acupuncturist we have agreed that if things don't settle down he will try to sort it out at the end of next week.

    I have had acupuncture on and off since I first became ill, over time I found I became better able to judge when I needed it. Chinese medicine recognises the effects the seasons, weather etc have on us, I find it particularly helpful in the summer and winter which are the most problematic seasons for me.

    love, Tansy[This Message was Edited on 12/13/2005]