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    Wanted to Stay a New Topic for this.

    Yes I'm going to Dr. M. in Hope. He fit me in right away. Couldn't ask for more. Also wants me to fax my bloodwork. Glad you got into see Dr. B. in Toronto. Seems these are the only 2 specialists in Canada. They must be so busy!

    I'm also continuing with the FFC recommendations and I do know the estrogen, progesterone, dhea, pregnenolone and T3 are really helping. I would probably be worse.

    The Denver FFc doctor said that the infections are my underlying problems and the pain will continue until we get these under control. She has been so good trying to help me.

    Have you heard of BIO k sold at the Health food stores in Canada. Suppose to be one of the best for fighting yeast and digestion. One of the girls at Canlyme used it and noticed a big difference within 3 weeks. My yeast levels were really high. Probably from all the antibiotics. I'm taking Threelac right now but once I run out will try the BIO K.

    Did you need a referral to see the LLMD? Hopefully we'll get some answers with these appointments. Have you tried the Valtrex yet? Wanted to tell you that my provincial health covered my last bloodwork through the FFC. I even had them taken here. Do you claim the U.S. medical bills with your income tax? I did last year. Boy I hate to add up what I've spent. It's going to be scary when I add everything up over the next month to file.

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    Yes you are right - I am going to see Dr. B. in less than three weeks. I got a referral from my family doctor. Dr. B's office said the appt would be one hour! After all the running around to the States this year I can't believe that my end of the line could be here in Toronto (thank goodness).

    Good news on your provincial plan covering your tests. I have not tried to claim anything through the provinical health plan however I will be claiming them as income tax deductions. Yes, I hate to add everything up but I don't know how I would have done things differently. It's a journey......My biggest disappointment has been with the FFC doctor.

    Haven't started on the Valtrex (need to go to Niagara Falls U.S. to fill the prescription) and might wait until I hear what Dr. B. says about it. I have been feeling lousy on the new antibiotics so I think it can wait until my system is stronger.

    Yes, I heard about the Bio K but haven't looked into getting it. I am taking Nystatin for yeast.

    I hope your appt with Dr. M. goes well. He is spoken about with such reverence that I am sure you will feel confident with him.

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