To TwinofdarVulvodynia and Lyme

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by suz9601, Aug 6, 2007.

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    Hi twinofdar,

    I just wondered how your vulvodynia is doing now that you have been treated for lyme? Vulvodynia was my first symptom 11 years ago and is still w/me today. I have a positive Igenex test and will begin treatment this week. If you wouldn't mind telling me if treatment has made a difference w/the vulvodynia I would appreciate it.

  2. suz9601

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    Thanks, glad yours is somewhat better. I will be starting doxy tomorrow so we will see. I never thought there was a connection between lyme and vulvodynia..ARe you doing orals or IV? How long have you been sick? TAke care,Suz
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    Hello Suz9601, please tell me the symptons of vulvodynia.
    I had a hard, red raised bite on the back of my thigh
    after peeing in the woods this summer. I had a fever, sore
    throat,terrible musle pain through my body, fatigue, but worst of all an itchy rash on my vulva. the rash was so bad
    i now have permenent scares from scratching so hard. I seen 6
    docs before tx. began. After taking doxy for one week the rash started to clear up. total healing time was 1 month
    of doxy. certain things will still irritate it. I tested
    neg. for lyme. could this really be lyme? I still have fatigue and musle pain with a multitude of other nuro symptoms as well. Im starting to lose hope. any info would be helpful. thanks, sandie

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    Lots of women in my old endo support group had vulvodynia.

    Some were seeing a Uro-GYN but they are hard to find. Some were on some crazy regimens like physcial thrapy with a wand thing. Some said they were waiting for the wand to light a cigarette when done.

    Lots of women with endo have CFS & FM. The FFC doc said the number one thing they see in women is endo.

    Lots of women with Lyme have vulvodynia. There has to be a connection!

    As for me, I have a cracked dried up Va-jay-jay. My estrogen and testosterone levels are very low. I couldn't raise them up on pills, patches, creams, and sublinguals.

    So I just got B-HRT pellets put in my hip. My doc put in 18 mg. the first time but I didn't feel any effects.

    Went back for boosters and got 12 mg more. Wish the doc would listen to my compounding pharmacist. He says I'm running through estrogen like no tomorrow and need a high dose.

    I'm on HGH too. Something just isn't right with my hormones.

    I hate this DD too!