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  1. Diva55

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    I'm only asking UK based people as they understand the NHS and what we can "get away with" in asking for tests & what tests are available.
    Sorry this is a bit vague in just saying "tests"

    I see my doctor every month and he is very good as he actually wants to see me and listens to what I say! He now expects me to come up with suggestions - which when I have the energy I do research for.

    I have been collecting loads of info from this site but am now in rearch overload mode and not sure what direction to take! I can only take in small amounts of info

    I had all the standard blood tests, xrays, rheumo appts early on to get to a diagnosis. I've had blood tests since and a scan when I suffered pains which didn't seem FM related but which were.

    Although diagnosed with FM I believe I also have CFS or the overlap.(see profile)

    So although this is vague - can anyone with a good experience of the NHS (!) let me know what direction they took & if they gained any useful insights.

    Many thanks
  2. Diva55

    Diva55 New Member

    Hi Prickles
    Thanks for that info. I was thinking of mentioning tests for infections but wasn't sure where to start.

    My FM/CFS was triggered by cold/flu/bronchitis and my stupid refusal to rest to recover from it.

    But I had been travelling extensively in America when I had the cold/flu so I wondered about a Lymes connection.

    I need to take fairly concrete & consise info to my doctor as all you get is a 10 minute appointment - but he usually gives me 30 minutes to dicuss anything significant.

    I'll take your list to him & see if he will consider going through it. Shame I can't email him with stuff before I see him but I would clog up his mail box!!

    Thanks again
  3. u34rb

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    I live in the UK too. Have you checked out hyperbaric oxygen treatment for your symptoms? If you can let me know where you are based, I can give you details.

    I just read your other post asking for a summary of CFS subtypes, I'm looking into it.
  4. Diva55

    Diva55 New Member

    Hi U34rb (funny I have trouble typing your name in!)
    Thanks for replying.
    I live in Northwich in Cheshire.

    Any tips would be gratefully accepted.

    My list of things for the doctor has grown & I need to cut it down. It's full of various tests and natural supplements (he is fairly up to date on alternative remedies, sometimes dismissive but that's to be expected!)

    I'm way overdue to see him as I left it 2 months instead of one. I'm taking Lyrica now on an ad hoc basis but recently a lot more as the pain has got out of control. I've stopped taking the anti depressants he prescribed for me but haven't told him yet. I was'nt keen on the fact they could be linked to heart disease!

    Anyway I'm rambling.
    Thanks for any help

  5. Diva55

    Diva55 New Member

    Any other people from the UK out there with advice please.
  6. u34rb

    u34rb New Member


    For hyperbaric oxygen, (HBO), and other therapies, Manchester and Chester are the closest centres to you. The list of MS Therapy Centres (UK and Ireland) is at:

    scroll down to Chester and Manchester for contact details.

    From the symptoms you describe I feel really sure that you too will benefit from HBO. From my experience it has helped me more than everything else I have tried over the last 13 years.

    If you want to talk about this we can meet in the chat room, if you post a suggested time and date when you can be there – in principle 6:45 PM suits me best.

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