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    In order to do the Guaifenesin protocol, you must get hold of Dr St Amand's book 'What your doctor may not tell you about fibromyalgia', (the latest edition!) otherwise you are wasting your money just taking the Mucinex.

    You need to avoid salicylates, as they use the same kidney receptors as the Guai & stop it from working.

    Your correct starting dose is 300mg twice a day. You then increase this until your symtoms are tolerably worse. That is your individual lifetime dosage.

    Youe symptoms will be worse as you reverse cycle when the phosphates leave your body cells. It takes about 3 months for every year you've been ill. Dr St Amand's website is called Guaidoc & has a link to the Guai group message board, which has a list of salicylate free products.
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    I will go out today and find that book. I appreciate all the help.

    God Bless.