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    I,ve got a question if you don't mind me asking. You said in a thread by Michelle_nz which was titled, "What are the real odds of a cfs recovery," which you responded with your second post on this board called, "The odds are good;" that you were a physician with a wife who has had fibromyalgia for many many years.

    In that post you mentioned that as a physician, you were always against supplements and vitamins. But you said your wife wanted to try to go on some and you finally gave her the O.K... and you couldn't believe you were saying that.
    Well I have 3 questions. (1) What type of a doctor do you specialize in? I ask this because you seem to be well educated with a lot of knowledge, especially in supplements and vitamins that you were once against. (2) How's your wife doing these days? (3) How did you get involved with usana and the usana products? and is usana-girl your username, or your wife's?
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    But take a look at the ingredients in usana awful lot of potential MSG sources. We had someone try to sell us some, but politely declined when I saw what was in them. Soy protein isolate, sodium careful!
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    I don't use the "products", but the USANA "Gold Pack" vitamins are the best on the market - according to the Center for Science in the Public Interest (a non-partisan consumer research group).

    The CSPI tested every vitamin supplement they could get their hands on and rated them from 0-100 based on what was in it, how well it was absorbed, etc.

    Centrum scored less than 15. Rainbow Light (what I was advised to take at the Cedars' FM program) got a 64. USANA scored the highest of any supplement that was tested. It got a 96 out of 100.

    The story behind how it was developed is intriguing, and I know at least one person whose (mild) FM symptoms virtually disappeared after about six months on the "gold pack". I've also spoken to the parents of a "Type 1" Diabetic whose insulin pump was removed after about six months on USANA, and she needs NO insulin at all now.

    Type 1 diabetics DO NOT start producing insulin "spontaneously". The only way the doctors could explain her pancrease beginning to work was the USANA.

    I started taking USANA last October and have had some amazing results. I had a sore in my left nostril for 14 years - I even had to have a biopsy of my salivary gland to rule out Wegener's Granulatomous(a rare autoimmune illness). Within two months of starting the "gold pack" supplement, the sore had healed and it hasn't come back - after being there for FOURTEEN years! Also, my rosacea cleared up, my nails started growing again and so on.

    These were things that the Xyrem DID NOT help.

    USANA is fairly expensive, but I was able to drop the other supplements I was taking. I was spending about $400 a month on supplements, and now I spend about $120 and USANA is all I take.

    I'm not trying to sell it to you, just offer my personal experience.

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    I was making a direct reference to his particular story, not implying that I was him. However, Dr. Strand is on USANA's Medical Advisory Board and has been a family practitioner for over 30 yrs. I have read his book What Your Doctor Doesn't Know About Nutritional Medicine May be Killing You. He got involved with the USANA products from their neighbor and he was unable to help her with traditional medicine. With her knowing how he felt about supplements, she asked if she could take them and his response was "honey, since I can't help you, you can take whatever you want" He was amazed within the first week that she had increased her energy and by week 3, she was off all nine medications and has never felt better.
    I couldn't agree more! I take the HealthPak as well and drink a shake every morning. For me, they are economical because I feel that my health is priceless.

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    I've been reading about Dr. Aleksander Strand- is that the one you are referring to? Thanks.
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    The one I am referring to is Dr. Ray Strand. :)
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    Thanks usanagirl, I was definitely confused.. Wish I could blame this one on fibrofog but I'll have to chalk this one up to just being a goof......................

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