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    Hi Karen,

    I saw that "bump" thingy you did, but couldn't figure out what it meant! LOL!

    It's a thrill to meet people on this board who are such close "neighbors"!!

    When I got out of Navy in 1974, I intended to bo back home again, but in my last year, I was temporarily stationed in Boston, and I met my future wife at the enlistedmen's club on the base. She lived just outside of Boston, and her girlfriend was a bartender at the club, so she got her drinks for free. We dated, then fell in love and married, and we settled here for some reason. We had 3 great kids together, and a great marriage. I lost her in 1992, to a sudden heart attack. I re-married in 1996, but unfortunately my wife became a different person after we married, and had many problems she'd been keeping from me while we were engaged. I am now divorced.

    I miss the ol' hometown a lot, but I get there regularly to visit my relatives. I'd really like to go back home again to stay someday, and am seriously considering it.

    I love Stockbridge!! Can't go home without spending some time there!

    I saw your profile, and're a real cutey!! Judging by what you put into your profile, I'd say your hubby is a lucky guy!

    Take care for now, Karen!

    Larry G.

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    I got your reply....Take care!