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    Hi Vickie! Sorry it's taken so long to reply to you. My husband copied a page out of a textbook he has regarding infections of the ear. He said Post herpetic neuralgia has nothing to do with hearing loss. He also said shingles doesn't cause hearing loss either. They are not listed at all. I would check back with your audiologist and see what he/she thinks. I hope this helps.
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    Thanks for checking with your husand. I guess it is just coincidence that my hearing loss started at the same time as my illness. My audiologist says that my hearing loss is due to nerve damage then asked me if I had been hit in the head and if my husband abused me. I said Wait a minute, how did you get all that from looking at my ears? I guess everyone has their own theory. I think I'll stick with mine because my husband has never hit me.
    Thanks Vicky
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    I wonder could it be allergies or a trigger point near you ear ? I notice that I can hardly hear out of one ear when I have a trigger point activtivated either in front of the ear or back of it. I too have some hearing loss due to nerve damage but it is worse when the triggerpoints around the ear are flared up. Allergies can cause a loss of hearing also.

    Ihope you have answers soon.
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    You may be on to something there because behind my ear does swell up and I also have pain inside my ear. Thanks for the info.
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    Vickie, did you ask your audiologist why he/she wanted to know if you had been hit in the head or if your husband abused you? Does he/she may think there was some sort of trauma to the area? I would definitely ask why they wanted to know. Just from looking at my husband's book, there seems to be many reasons why people get hearing loss. I would question this audiologist and get as much information as you can. If you're not satisfied, I would also go to an ENT/neurologist for answers.

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    I too have hearing loss, and I have read it is one of the possible symptoms associated with CFS. I also have severe vision issues. Just turn the TV and Radio really loud so you can hear it! I am kidding. My family has adjusted to the sound being higher to accommodate me. In regards to shingles, it can cause hearing loss if the nerve that is in the area around your ear is affected. Shingles are body area specific... you could also loose your eyesight. They are complications of a shingles outbreak. I have had shingles too.
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    Lolita, you mentioned that CFS can cause hearing loss. What does CFS do to cause hearing loss? I've never heard of this. Thanks.

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    Hi Annette, I have no idea why the audiologist would ask me if I have had head trauma or abuse, all I know is that he said my hearing loss was due to nerve damage. When my shingles broke out, it was on the head and my ears swell up with alot of soreness if that has anything to do with it. I cannot go back to the audiologist because we have moved from TX where the audiologist is located to the Washington area. I cannot afford hearing aides and I am hoping to apply for social security benefits soon and maybe they can help with buying some. We have closed caption on TV and I have learned to read people's lips which also helps.
    Lolita, thanks for the reply. Where did you have your break out from the shingles? Did you have pain after your break
    out cleared up?
    PS The neurologist that I was seeing in TX whispered in my ear and asked me if I could tell him what he was saying, after I told him what he said to me- he told me that I did not have a hearing problem. Just another nutty thing from asking the wrong person a question??????
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    I was diagnosed with nerve deafness 10 years ago and every year since then, my Tinnitus (ringing ears) has gotten much worse. I was told at the time of my diagnosis that the loss of my hearing may have been because of a sinus infection I had that wouldn't go away. I was taking antibiotic's for a year and finally the infection went, but only to return many times since then. Seeing our sinuses are connected to our ear's....this may be a reason for many people losing their hearing.
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    The hearing nerve is deep in your head - it's the 8th cranial nerve - shingles is a peripheral kind of illness and doesn't touch the hearing nerve, or even come close. If you have shingles and hearing loss, it is a coincidence - unless the shingles causes the ear canal to close up - but that is not nerve loss.