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    You mentioned your son was going to a good LLMD in the Southeast. I'm in Northeast Georgia and was wondering what his name is.

    Thanks ~~~ Sandy
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    bumpity-bump ---oh, where are you??????????
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    I don't know if you got any answers about any other good LLMDs, but my son goes to Jemsek Clinic in Huntersville NC, think that's the town, just north of Charlotte NC.

    The bad news is that a lady in my local support group who was dx'd in 1991 with Lyme called up to see if she needed to be retreated, was told that they are not taking any new pts right now! But you might want to call and see if that has changed and/or if you can get a referral to anyone closer... they were opening a new clinic soon, so perhaps?

    They also told us that they will share what they know with other doctors, so that is another avenue to explore. Hard part in my opinion is knowing what another doctor is deciding to follow or not...

    I hope this helps! Let me know what happens as I know others who are looking too.

    all the best,
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