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    Hi there,
    You responded to a post about my son and you have one the same age...I was wondering what babeosis is?? I enjoyed reading your bio- esp. the part about your occupation! Thanks for writing...Terri
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    babeosis is one of the common co-infection from ticks along with the Lyme/Bb spirochete. But babeosis is a parasite that produces symptoms similar to malaria - ie, sweating, plus symptoms that overlap with Lyme. They use the same meds for babeosis that they use for malaria (Mepron in particular).

    He is also taking artemesinin, extract of wormwood's active substances. (Interestingly I heard on the news the other day that they are trying to somehow combine artemsinin with e coli to help combat malaria!).

    He has come up negative on tests, but this was considered as a probability as he does break out into 'weird' sweats at any time, and just his head usually! Since he wasn't showing much improvement with treatment just for Lyme, the clinic felt any possible co-infections needed to be treated. I was told that this is normally what they do with IV pts - start off using IV abx for Lyme for several months, then switch to treating any co-infections, then back to finishing off the Lyme. They are now doing this with the pts on oral abx.

    Yeah, LOL! -seems like doorwoman is my main occupation these days, one of my 4 dogs literally plays 'ring around the house' - let her out one door, and within 60 seconds she's at the back door...

    all the best,

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