To Wayne: Coffee enemas, HC and more!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Wolverine, May 24, 2011.

  1. Wolverine

    Wolverine Member

    Hi Wayne. I remember you doing well with various therapies including the coffee enema. Wondering if you're still doing those? As i've posted before on glutathione issues, i've been ever since trying to find ways to raise it, as I cant tolerate any form of external glutathione, nor NAC. I recently discovered that the mechanism of the coffee enema (through learning about Gerson Therapy), is that it raises the glutathione-S-transferase enzyme up to 700%. Pretty impressive!

    I have tried a few of them, but they seem to be quite draining. It doesnt make me 'sick' and toxic feeling like drinking coffee does (apparently it has the opposite effect rectally), but it does tax/drain me after I do one. Maybe its the adrenal thing, not sure. I've only tried a few yet so will do more to see how it goes. Working very hard at the moment (well just stated a protocol) with a new naturopath who is a Gerson practitioner. Not doing the full gerson therapy but a modified version so to speak, including all whole foods, low fat and juicing. It's sposed to help heal the liver, which is and has been my main issue ever since I first got sick in 2000. (but gut probs even beyond that back to birth!).

    I have also been doing bentonite clay baths which often help very much the next day. Well before all this major viral problem im currently having. Am getting back onto all this as the virus stuff is improving.

    And are you still on cortisone? I remember you were on 15mg or so. That is incredibly low dose and I WISH i could be on only that much! Im sure some of my current problems are due to needing such a high dose.

    Let me know how you're going with all of these things now! Hope you're well.

  2. herbqueen

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    Wolverine- Has your naturopath had much luck with the modified therapy with other cfs/fibro- or Autoimmune/neuro/lyme type patients?

    Please keep us posted of your progress. I'm interested in hearing from those who try the therapy. I wonder about all that carrot juice being high in sugar/stimulating---curious. The documentaries are pretty compelling /inspiring for cancer, but was not sure of results with other chronic illnesses.

    please share with us your experiences.
  3. gapsych

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    You see a naturopath and have Addisons?

    Frequent enemas are not necessary and there is no scientific evidence that it helps you. In fact it can kill good bacteria and cause your bowels to not move. They can also cause you to become low in potassium and sodium which could have something to do with your symptoms.

    IMHO You need to see a regular doctor, get an evaluation and then if you choose, go back to the natural path.

  4. Waynesrhythm

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    Hello Chris,

    I just saw your post tonight; good to hear from you. I don't have the energy to reply in detail at this time; I'll try to get back tomorrow. In short, yes, still doing coffee enemas (but not as often), still doing low-dose Cortef at 20 mg/day, still doing clay foot baths. Will expound a bit more when I can.

  5. Wolverine

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    Well it's only components of Gerson. I was considering doing full Gerson myself, but she thought it wouldn't be suitable for me at the moment, considering the massive amount of work it is, and i'd have to do it all alone (i realise now that would be almost impossible considering how much you have to do for it!).

    I just had an initial consult (she does them via skype if not in her area), but I found her quite good and am trying the program for a while. The diet is simlar but I can have meat/fish once a day with dinner (small portion), where Gerson is full vegetable. Its all natural, NOTHING packaged, instant etc, only cooked whole food and raw juices, with coffee enemas as tolerated. Its been hard so far with the virus stuff, but I feel am gradually improving and will be on the full program very soon.

    The basis of it is that it lets the liver heal (which is and has been my major problem for all my years, and what I believe started my entire cascade of CFS). That's also the basis of Gerson. It lets the liver fully heal over 1-2 years of the therapy, and has proven to do so many times over.

    The closest & best story I've read so far in relation to CFS and specifically toxicity based CFS, which is what mine is, was this guy named Paul. Read the story it's awesome. (I cant remember if links are allowed here? I hope so though as it's very encouraging for CFS patients)

  6. Wolverine

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    Hi gap. Thanks, I should have been more specific I suppose. I have seen dr's now and then, including just last week and got a full physical check up for the current problems plus a form for complete general bloodwork. So I am getting evaluated for the basics.

    When I say I don't see a regular Dr, I mean I'd really like to have one knowledgeable one, or at least one willing to LEARN about all this that I saw weekly or fortnightly. ATM i just dont see any regularly. I've seen tons of Dr's over the years and none have really been able to help much with my probs, hence stuck doing things alone / through various other practitioners, nutritionists and people online with experience etc (like Rich VK!).

    Frequent enemas.. not sure if you mean in general or specifically coffee ones? But for Gerson and what I'm doing they can be very beneficial. I have hardly done any yet, probably about 3.. and thats only in the last few weeks. As reccommended I replace electrolytes before & after doing one.

    These major symptoms were going since late Jan/early feb, so nothing to do with the enemas. Coffee enemas were widely medically accepted for what they do, and included in the Merck Manual for medical professionals from 1917 up unitil 1972.

    So yeah just to let you know am not being totally random and avoiding all medical dr's and just doing some crazy remedies :) The strict naturopathic protocol is because I've spent years getting no where with mainstream med, who most often look me up and down and either dismiss, remain stumped, or tell me I know far more than they do about the condition, lol.

  7. Wolverine

    Wolverine Member

    Hi Wayne! No probs I know what that's like, I'm always behind on my mail from being on too many sites & forums etc! The brain just can't take it all :)

    Look fwd to hearing from you soon. Hope all's well!


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